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He missed his coffee at breakfast time.
Breakfast was incomplete without coffee.
Breakfast was not breakfast without coffee.
She forgot her umbrella.
She left without her umbrella.
He did it all on his own.
He did it without any help.
She did not look when she crossed the street.
She crossed the street without looking.
He didn't ask. He just took it.
He took it without asking.
They did not say where they were going.
They left without saying where they were going.
She should have looked before crossing the road.
She should not have crossed the road without looking.
It was thanks to you that I did so well.
I would not have done so well without your help.
Not a word did they say as they drove back to town.
They drove back to town without saying a word.
He wondered if anyone would notice if he left early.
(Begin with "He wondered if")
He wondered if he could leave without being noticed/without anyone noticing him.
She should have told someone where she was going.
She should not have left without telling someone where she was going.
Don't wait for me!
Go without me!