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Can IGES files or 3D solids be imported into Winmax?
No. Like other controls, Winmax will only read 2D or 2.5D drawings that will provide the X and Y axis data only. Z axis data is entered into the program by the programmer.
In Part Setup, how do you compensation for the edgefinder after establishing Part Zero X and Y?
Using the calculator on the keyboard, move the curser to the correct Part Zero field. Type in the amount to compensate (usually .100), then press the +/- button to indicate the direction to compensation, then press Enter. Use the same method for the other offset.
In Tool Setup, will the control retain the tooling information when a new program is started?
The control WILL NOT retain the Tool Setup information as standard. However, this information can be imported from an existing program. The Tool & Material Library option causes, the tool and material information to remain resident in the control which will be available in all new programs. See a salesman for pricing.
Does Winmax have Tool Breakage Detection?
Yes. Our Renishaw Tool Probing option provides tool breakage detection and compensate for cutter wear. Redundant tools can be set up in the toolchanger to be used if a tool is broken or worn beyond a user specified limit.
Does Winmax have Overload Detection on any axis?
Not at this time. We are working on this capability.
Does Winmax support offline tool pre-setting with tool length values established from the guage line?
Yes. The tool lenth data can be entered manually by the setup person or be transferred automatically from the offline pre-setter to Winmax via RS232.
How many work offsets does Winmax support?
Unlimited work offsets in Conversational. In NC, Winmax provides the 6 standard work offsets (G54 - G59) as well as 93 additional offsets for a total of 99 work offsets.
How many Tool Length Offsets does Winmax provide?
In Converstional there are up to 9,999 tools and tool offsets available. In NC, there are 200 length offsets (H) and 200 radius offsets (D) available.
Does Winmax accept NC programs from other CNC controls?
Winmax is compatible with the industry standard ISO (Fanuc) program format. Fanuc does not have full compatibility among their own controls. Winmax will identify any illegal codes in the program and show the programmer which line the illegal code is in. This provides very quick program editing.
Is it possible to make a global offset of all the tool lengths in Winmax?
Yes. Once the tool lengths are established in Tool Setup, a single tool can be touched off the new part and all tools in the program will be adjusted up or down to the new part surface at one time.
Does Winmax support Macro Programming in NC?
Yes. Winmax supports full Macro A and Macro B programming as well a user-defineable M,G, S, B and T codes. There are four types of variables that can be used in NC programming: global, system, local, and arguments.
Does Winmax have a Tool & Material Library?
Yes. This is an option.
Does Winmax provide threadmilling capability?
Yes. A standard feature.
Does Winmax make it possible to group roughing operations and finishing operations separately?
Yes. The programmer can determine the order in which the programmed tools will be executed. The results are less tool changes and shorter cycle times.
Does Winmax support NC (G&M code) programming?
Yes. Winmax offers Hurco Basic NC as well as ISO (Fanuc) compatibility including Macro A and B.
Is it possible to merge an NC program into a Conversational program?
Yes. The NC/Conversational Merge option provides this capability.
How much RAM is standard on Winmax?
2 Gigabytes
What is the Hard Drive size?
40 Gigabyte
How much look-ahead does the Winmax control have?
Minimum of 600 blocks.
What is the processing speed of the Winmax control?
2,277 block per second
What is the maximum programmable feedrate?
300 ipm on VM and 600 ipm on VMX
Does Winmax support "Peck Tapping"?
Yes. In both NC and Conversational.