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What is the Respiratory Protection Program??
Applies to workers subject to tasks wich require respirators.
What is the Hearing Conservation Program??
Surveys and identifies potential hazardous noise levels and personell at risk.
What is the sight conservation program??
surveys work aras to determin eye hazards and what type of protection is requires.
Identify the F/A-18 danger areas.
1. Hyd reservoirs 2. fuel tanks 3.nitrogen charged struts 4. high pressure accumulators 5. missile launchers 6. ejection racks 7. weapons loaded 8. intakes and exhoust 9. radar 10. APU 11. tail hook 12. flight control surfaces
Intake/Exhaust minimum safe distance. Idle
9 ft intake
115-155 ft exhaust
Intake/Exhaust minimum safe distance. Military
25 ft intake
325-725 ft exhaust
Intake/Exhaust minimum safe distance. Maximum
25 ft intake
850-925 ft exhaust
What is the purpose of the non step areas.
some parts of the AC is made of softer material.
I dentify the precautions that must be observed when handling graphite or carbon/epoxy composite material.
Respirators, goggles, close weave cotton gloves.
What are the APU dangers??
Exhaust velocity 142 MPH with temp of 328-350 F degrees.