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State the purpose of the Explosive Qualification and Certification Program.
To ensure military and Civiliean personnel are qualified in teh safe handling, stowing and transportation of ordnance.
State the purpose of suspension/accessory equipment.
To suspend, release, arm stores, bombs, and a variety of missile launchers.
State the purpose of and Impulse cartridge (CAD)
To eject single stores and a variety of weapons from aircraft.
Whad does AIM stand for?
Air Intercept Missile
Whad does AGM stand for?
Air to Ground Missile
Whad does CATM stand for?
Captive air training missile
Whad does HERO stand for?
hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
Describe the application of the retarded bomb.
It slows the weapon down before it gets to the target in order to allow the jet to get away from bomb. Used at low levels bombing missions
Describe the application of the nonretarded bomb.
No meant to slow bomb down. used at high level bombing missions where the pilot and a/c are safe from detonation.
When on a weapon what does the color yellow represent??
High explosive. on weapon or warhear section.
When on a weapon what does the color brown represent??
Live rocket motor
When on a weapon what does the color blue represent??
What type of guided system is Active??
Homing signal is generated, sent and received by the missile.
What type of guided system is Semi-active??
Homing signal generated and sent by external source not including the target.
What type of guided system is Passive??
Homing signal is generated by the target.
Describe the purpose of Chaff.
Very fine pieces of metal expelled into the airway for radar guided missiles, degrades lainching missile target lock.
Describe the purpose of Flares.
Used for heat seeking infrared missiles.