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What is the function of the Radome??
its an electrically transparent window for rador signals to pass through.
What is the purpose of the Wing fuselage??
Provides lift, stores fuel, houses LEFs and TEFs and ailerons
What is the finction of the aileron??
Commanded asymmetrically to produce roll and symmetrically to provide lift.
What is the function of the LEFs and TEFs??
symmetrically changes lift and aid in roll asymmetrically.
What is the function of the stabilators??
They provide pitch together and roll apart.
What if the function of the rudders??
They provide yaw symmetrically.
What is the function of Hyd system 1??
Hyd System 1 provides hyd pressure for flight controls. pump manifold, pump reservoir
filter unit case drain filter, oil fuel heat exchange and related indicators
What is the function of Hyd system 2??
Same as Hyd 1 but also supplies pressure to all other non-flight control systems.
What is the Function of the APU Accumulator??
Gas Charge cylinder provides required fluid pressure to the APU start motor and emergency hydraulic systems.
What is the function of the switching valves??
allows backup pressure to replace primary hyd pressure if it fails and switches back when primary is restored.
Explain the bleed air system
Engine bleed air is extracted from the last compressot stage of both engines, regulated and routed to the air cycle conditioning system.
Explain the Air Cycle Conditioning System.
Cools and conditions hot bleed air for use in various aircraft systems, such as fuel pressurization, canopy seal, anti-g, throttle boost, anti-ice, rain removal, avionics and cabin cooling.
Explain Anti-Gravity System
Automatically regulates the air to the pilots anti g suit toincrease pilot tolerance to high acceleration levels.
Explain Oxygen System.
Gaseous oxygen is supplied in an emergency only through seat pan oxygen bottle. required at altitudes over 10,000 feet and for entire night flights.
Explain the On-Board Oxygen Generating System.
Removes nitrogen and other contaminants from engine bleed air.
Explain the Ejection Seat System
supports crewmember during normal flight and escape for emergency situations. Made up of main beam, parachute, seat bucket, survival kit, and catapult.
Purpose of the patch test
check the level of contamination in hyd systems and SE
purpose of tactical paint scheme
lessen probability of visual detection. confuse and mislead observers.
purpose of 509
guide for corrosion control and maintenance efforts
3 modes of wheel brake operation
prupose of composite airframe materials
limit weight
decrease corrosion
increase strength
sandwich and monolithic
what is a temp repair
quick fix until permanent repair can be made.
what is a onetime flight
repair made for a one time flight to the permanent repair station
what is a permanent rapair
what is the fire detection system
provided warning for the APU bay, AMAD bays and aft engine bays
electronic flight control system
built in test to provide failure warning and fault isolation.combine imputs with air data and inertial inputs and provide electrical signals to servo actuators.