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The label on the wint states:
What is the percentage of grapes that musts come from that region?
What is the requriement for a wine labeled "RESERVED"
No legal meaning in the U.S
What does AVA stand for?
American Viticultural Area
What the similiarty between a "California" label and "Oregon" label?
None. Both of these wine must be 100% from the the stated STATE
What is the requriment for an alcohol label ?
The wine alcohol must be between 7-14% . Table wine must be 1.5% of the acutal stated in order to be labeled "table wine" Dessert wines must be within 1% (14-24%)
The wine labeled
"Napa Valley Piont Noir"
What is the percentage of grapes from that region and what % is allowed non-piont nior in the blend?
85% has to be from the Napa Valley (AVA)

15% is allowed to be non-piont nior b/c 75% has to be pure piont nior.
What is the reqirement for a wine labeled
"Vinted and Bottled by"
"Cellared and Bottled by"
not necessarily fermented at the location indicated

dosent mean much
What does all wine have to be labeled with?
Contains Sulfites
The Wine Labled
"2004 Rougue River Valley Cabernet"

State requirment for variety, orgin,year
95% must be from 2004

100% must be from Oregon

90% must be Cabernet grape variety
Wine labeled
" Ruby's Vineyard"

What is the percentage that it has to come from Ruby's Vineyard?
Can a winery in Sonoma County make a wine entirely from Santa Barbara County fruit?
The wine labeld

"Table Wine 14%"

What is the reqirement
The acutal alcohol content must be with in 1.5% stated (14%)
Wine Labeled
" 1990 Washington State Chardonnay"

List Reqirement for orgin, year and grape variety
95% of wine must be from 1990

75% must be from Washington

75% must be Chardonnay grape variety
Wine Labeled:
" Nathon's Estate"

What is the percentage that the the grapes have to be from Nathon's Estate
100% of the grapes must be from Nathon's vinaryed or controlled by Nathion's winery. Both vineyard and winery must be within an AVA
Wine labled

"Russian River Valley"

Whats the percentage of grapes from this orgin?