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1. Chiavanesca is a synonym for?
1. Nebbiolo
2. Chateau Lagrange is located in which AOC?
2. St. Julien
3. Which is a red only sub-appellation in Bergerac?
3. Pécharmant
4. The MA on a Champagne label indicates what?
4. It is a brand whose property belongs to third parties and not to the actual producer of the Champagne.
5. What is Aspersion?
5. Spraying of water on vines to protect them. Practice in Chablis.
6. Which 2 St.-Emilion Chateaux are Premier Grand Cru Classé Class A?
6. Château Ausone and Château Cheval-Blanc
7. The Tisza and the Bodrog are the rivers where?
7. Tokaji
8. The soil type found in Vouvray and Montlouis is:
8. Tufa
9. How long must Vintage champagne be aged prior to disgorgement?
9. 5 years
10. The Fiano di Avellino DOCG is for what style of wine? From what varietals?
10. Dry Whites. Fiano with Greco, Trebbiano and Coda de Volpe.
11. The main native grapes used in Cava are?
11. Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada
12. What does the Erzeugerabfüllung mean?
12. Estate Bottled
13. What is the minimum % of corn in Bourbon?
13. 51%
14. What is the primary white grape of Santorini?
14. Assyrtiko
15. Aglianico del Vulture is what and from where?
15. A DOC of Basilicata for dry wines from Aglianico
16. Elim WO is located in which districts:
16. Cape Aghulas
17. What is the primary flavoring agent in Fernet Branca?
17. Myrrh
18. Zweigelt is a crossing of which varieties?
18. St. Laurent x Blaufrankisch
19. What are the communes of Sauternes?
19. Sauternes, Barsac, Bommes, Fargues and Preignac
20. Wine corks come from the bark of what type of tree?
20. Querces Suber
21. Name the anbaugebiet: Zeltingen, Nierstein, Deidesheim and Assmanshausen.
21. Mosel, Rheingau, Pfalz and Rheingau.
22. Where are the Sta. Rita Hills located?
22. Santa Barbara County
23. What are the aging requirements for Colheita Madeira?
23. Minimum 20years with two additional in bottle
24. What are the subzones of Cognac:
24. Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Bon Bois, Fin Bois and Bois Ordinaires
25. What is ripasso?
25. Wine made from fermenting Valpolicella on the lees of Amarone
26. Where is the growing region for each: Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Roero Rosso, Cesanese di Piglio and Albana di Romagna?
26. Sicily, Marches, Lazio and Emilia-Romagna
27. Where is the AOC Martinique? What is it designated for?
27. Rhum Agricole. Island of Martinique
28. List three reasons to decant wine.
28. Aeration. Separate sediment. Increase temperature. Request.
29. Name the vdl in Cognac
29. Floc de Gascogne
30. What is Palo Cortado?
30. Style of Sherry that beings life as Fino but takes on some Oloroso character
31. Where is Ajaccio located?
31. AOC of Corsica
32. Downy mildew is also called?
32. Perenospera
33. What is the prestige cuvée for Pommery?
33. Cuvée Louise
34. Define the term “cultivar"
34. A particular plant or type of plant that is selected and grown for its specific characteristics
35. What are the aging requirements for Reposado Tequila
35. Min two months aging
36. Name the primary red grape of Nemea:
36. Agiorgitiko
37. Name the red grape of Valtellina Superiore
37. Chiavanesca
38. Name three Islay Whiskies.
38. Ardbeg, Bowmore, Laphroiag, Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich and Kilchoman
39. What is the definition of German trocken?
39. Literally dry. A wine with up to 9 g/l sugar
40. What is Cap Classique?
40. South African sparkling wine made using Champagne Method
41. Define Namazake
41. Unfiltered Sake
42. In what year were the wines of Graves last classified?
42. 1959
43. What is IBU?
43. International Bitter Units
44. What is Sussreserve?
44. Stabilized unfermented must used for Sweetnessadjustment
45. What is the varietal used in Chateau Chalon?
45. Savignin
46. Frankland River is a growing region in which country?
46. Australia
47. What is battonnage?
47. French term for stirring of the lees
48. What region of Australia is associated with sparkling wine production?
49. What flavor eau-de-vie is kirsch?
49. Cherry
50. What is the varietal in Coteaux du Layon?
50. Chenin Blanc