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tool that helps you find files on local or network drives and helps you find things on the internet
search tool
use to find any kind of file, whethr you know its complete name, partial name, or other facts
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
provides all or part of the filename
Use when you knowsome or all of the filename
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
provide text that appears in the file's contents
Use when you know text that the files contain
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
identify the drive or folder containing the file
Use when you know where you stored the files you want
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
specify a date or range of dates when files were created, modified or accessed
Use when you know when the files were created, modified, or accessed
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
specify the size of the files
Use when you know the approximate or exact size of the files
(Search By:)
(Search By:)
identify the file type, such as .doc
Use when you know the file type
Search Companion
guides you through your search, offering options that change depending on your search strategy
search string
any letters or words you type to define the search
characters that you can substitue for all or part of a filename in a search string
stands in place for any number of consecutive characters
question mark
use this to select files when you know one character in the filename varies
a word or a phrase contained anywhere in the file
organizes information to make it quick and easy for the computer to search through
search service
a Web site that helps you find information on the Internet quickly
search engine
software used by the search services to search through Internet documents and compile lists of Web pages
one of the largest and most comprehensive search engines available - searches for keywords anywhere on a Web page
Ask Jeeves
a meta search engine - searches the indexes of other search engines and eliminates redundant listings
Direct Hit
designsed to find the most popular Web sites
one of the largest and fastest search engines - also designed to find Web sites that directly relate to your search
sorts results by date
focuses on general-interest Web sites
Northern Light
sorts results into appropriate search folders related to content
provides a directory of Web pages, organized by categories
map service
provides street maps for addresses you enter into a search form