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When you uninstall an update
When you uninstall an update, it does not appear in the list of hidden updates, but it does
become available again if you check for new updates.
You can configure clients running Windows 7 to determine proxy settings in two ways:
Use Web Proxy Auto Detect (WPAD)
Use the Netsh.exe command-line tool

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie
Update files extension
Installing Windows 7 Update Files Manually
Wusa.exe d:\windows6.1-kb123456-x64.msu /quiet /norestart
Which Windows Update–related tasks can a user with standard privileges complete?
A user with standard privileges is able to install updates. A user with standard privileges
is unable to hide or uninstall updates. A user with standard privileges cannot change update settings.
Action Center can provide security and maintenance warning messages on the following subjects
Windows Update
Internet security settings
Network firewall
Spyware and realted protection
User account control UAC
Virus protection
Windows backup
Windows troubleshooting
Network Access Protection
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)
allows you to scan client computers to determine if they have all currently available software updates installed.
SmartScreen Filter
SmartScreen Filter is an Internet Explorer feature that blocks browsing to Web sites that are known to host malware or be related to phishing.
SmartScreen Filter works to protect users in the following ways:
Analyzes Web pages that you visit for suspicious characteristics
Checks the sites that you visit against a list of regularly updated known phishing and
malware sites
Checks files that you download from Web sites against known malware
InPrivate Mode
InPrivate Mode consists of two technologies: InPrivate Filtering and InPrivate Browsing

restrict the amount of information available about a user’s browsing session
InPrivate Browsing
InPrivate Browsing restricts what data is recorded by the browser
InPrivate Filtering
InPrivate Filtering is used to restrict what information
about a browsing session can be tracked by external third parties.
The advantage of InPrivate mode
The advantage of InPrivate mode is that all this data is deleted automatically when the browser window is closed
What steps can users of Internet Explorer take to ensure that there is no record of their browsing session available the next time they open the browser?
Browsing using InPrivate Browsing mode ensures that no record of a browsing
session is available from within Internet Explorer.