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The name of the default Group Policy object that is linked to the domain controllers organizational unit. Used Primarily for configuration of policy settings that are only to be applied to the domain controllers in the domain (i.e. auditing).
default domain controllers policy
The name of the Group Policy object that is linked to the domain container in Active Directory; used primarily for configuration of domain-wide password policies.
default domain policy
A Group Policy feature that enables you to redirect the contents of the Application Data, Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures, and Start menu folders from a user's profile to a network location.
Folder redirection
A unique 128-bit number assigned to the object when it is created.
globally unique identifier (GUID)
This utility can be used to discover Group Policy-related problems and to illustrate which Group Policy objects were applied to a user or computer. _______ also lists all group memberships of the user or computer being analyzed.
Enables the centralized management of user desktop settings, desktop and domain security, and the deployment and management of software throughout your network.
Group Policy
An Active Directory object that is configured to apply Group Policy and linked to either the site, domain, or organizational unit level.
Group Policy Object (GPO)
A set of text-based security template files that you can use to apply uniform security settings on computers within an enterprise. The templates modify security settings incrementally and do not include the default security settings.
incremental templates
A Kerberos version service that runs on a domain controller. It issues ticket-granting tickets (TGTs) and service tickets for obtaining network authentication in a domain.
Key Distribution Center (KDC)
Power Users have less system access than administrators but more than users. By default, members of this group have Read/Write permissions to other parts of the system in addition to their own profile. Power Users can perform many system-wide operations, such as changing system time and display settings, and creating user accounts and shares.
Power User groups
A file that includes various commands to automate routine operations.
A command-line toool that allows you to perform security configuration and analysis. The ________ command-line tool allows the following high-level operations: analyzye, configure, export, and validate.
A security toolset consisting of security templates that can be used to analyze and apply security configurations.
Security and Configuration Tool Set
A template used to apply various security settings to an Active Directory container or object.
Security Policy template
A ticket issued by the Kerberos version Key Distribution Center (KDC) for purposes of obtaining a service ticket from the ticket-granting service (TGS).
ticket-granting ticket (TGT)
A file that contains all the information needed to install an application in a variety of configuration.
Windows Installer package (MSI)
A text file that can be used by Group Policy to deploy an application:it has a number of limitations compared to an MSI file.
ZAP file