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Enables you to add or remove hardware and troubleshoot any hardware-related problems.
Add/Remove Hardware Wizard
A program stored on a flash memory chip attached to the motherboard that extablishes the initial communication between components of the computer, such as the hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy disk, video, and memory.
Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)
Used to view and modify hardware device properties, update device drivers, and uninstall unneeded hardware.
Device Manager
Ensures that a driver for a specific device has been verified by Microsoft and a unique digital signature has been incorporated into the driver.
driver signing
The utility can identify unsigned files and give you information such as the file name, location, modification date, and version number.
File Signature Verification
Interim updates to Windows 2000 that are released between major service pack releases. These are used to fix operating system bugs and security issues.
hot fixes
A signal sent by a device to notify the processor when the device is ready to accept or send information. Each device typically has a unique IRQ number.
interrupt request (IRQ)
A list of hardware devices that have been tested by Microsoft to determine whether they can work with Windows 2000.
(HCL) Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List
Periodic updates to the Windows 2000 operating system to fix reported bugs and security issues.
service packs
A process that integrates a Windows 2000 Service pack with the original Windows 2000 installation files.
A command-line utility that scans and verifies all of the protected system files on your computer.
System File Checker
A Windows 2000 utility used to check for hardware and software compatibility.
Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer
Helps to prevent the replacement of protected Windows 2000 files such as .sys, .dll, .ocx, .ttf, .fon, and .exe files.
Windows File Protection
A Microsoft Web site used to automatically download and install Windows 2000 service packs and hot fixes.
Windows Update