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Which OS(s) can use Remote Assistance
Only with XP and 2003
Limitation of NTbackup
Can't do a System State backup remotely
Plug n Play Devices
Can't manually config
USB Devices
Max of 127 devices
no more that 5 meters away
no more than 5 hubs
Discribe Driver Signing Options (local)
System Prop|Harware|Driver Signing
Ignore - will proceed with unsigned installation
Warn - will prompt
Block - never allow
Signature verification tool
sigverif.exe. identifies unsigned drivers
Describe Driver Signing Options (Policy)
local policy|Security Options|Devices: Unsigned Driver Installation
GPO heirarchy
LDSO (local, domain, site, ou)
Windows 2003 Minimum Requirements
Web - 128mb, 1.5gb, 2 cpu
Standard - 128mb, 1.5gb, 2cpu
Enterprise - 128mb, 1.5gb, 8cpu
Datacenter - 512mb, 1.5gb, 8-32cpu
Where can you change the network binding order
Network Connections|Advanced|Advanced Settings
Discribe a basic disk
3 Primary 1 Extended or
4 Primary|Partitions not volumes
Discribe Dynamic Disks
Logical Disk manager (LDR) DB.
Must be Win2k pro or greater to access.
simple, spanned, mirrored, striped, and RAID-5
How do you find Resource Conflicts
Resources used by devices include DMA, IO, IRQ, memory.
Listed in Device Manager|Device prop|Resources
The name a location of AD DB file
ntds.dit, %systemroot%\ntds
What is the Distinguished name (DN) and what are the components/attributes
A naming convention for AD. Used to define location of objects in AD.
CN - Common Name
OU - OU name
DC - Domain Component Name
The DN must be unique in forest
What is the DN of PC computer01 in Sales OU, of the domain
What happens when you switch to 2000 native mode?
1. NT BDCs can no longer me members.
2. Can use Universal Groups
3. It is one-time, non-reversible option
What are the 4 2003 domain functional levels?
1. Win2k Mixed - Support NT
2. Win2k Native - No NT
3. Win2k3 Interim - upgrade from NT4
4. Win Server 2k3 - only win2k3 DCs
What is one way to remedy a DNS registration issue on a workstation?
From command prompt ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
restart pc
Define Domain Local Group
A group that can only specify permissions in a single domain
Define Built-in Local Group
Created with AD directory is made. Same as Domain local
Define Global Group
Only users and groups from own domain can be members. Available with all funtional levels.
Define Universal Groups
Users, groups, and computers from any domain in forest. Not in Windows 2000 mixed level. Maintained by GC server
Windows 2000 Mixed Domain Local Groups can contain?
Accounts and groups from any domain
Windows 2000 Mixed Global Groups can contain?
Accounts from the same domain only
Windows 2k native or win2k3 Domain local groups can contain
Domain Local Groups from the same domain only. Accounts and Global and universal groups from any domain.
Windows 2k native or win2k3 Global groups can contain
Accounts and other global groups from the same domain only.
Windows 2k native or win2k3 Universal groups can contain
Accounts from any domain and all global and universal groups from any domain.
What files to you copy to create a Startup disk (2003)
boot.ini,, ntldr
Who can backup server data?
Backup Operators, Server operators (domain), and Administrators
What does AGULP stand for
Accounts -> Groups ->Universal Groups ->(Domain) Local Groups -> Permissions on resources (printers, Folders)
Why is there a distinction between local and domain local groups
Domain is for local resources inside AD. Local is for a resource on a member pc, server