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An alert performs a specified action once a counter meets the specified setting. Once an alert is triggered, a message can be sent, a program can be run, a counter log started, or an event can be written to the application log.
Where applications that are written to Microsoft standards record event information. The application developer determines the type of information an application writes to the log file.
application log
Marks specific objects in the Active Directory as the master copy, and forces the other domain controllers to receive the change.
authoritative restore
A performance benchmark that is used to determin what is normal server performance under a specific workload.
Performance data that is collected into a comma-separated or tab-separated format.
counter log
A utility used to view the contents of the system, security, and application logs.
Event Viewer
An advanced startup option that can be used to recover a system from failed Windows 2000 configuration changes.
Last Known Good Configuration
A second installation of an operating system into a different directory, on a different partition, or on a different hard drive as the primary.
parallel installation
A data item associated with a particular performance object used to measure a certain aspect of performance.
performance counter
A tool included with Windows 2000 that enables you to create counter logs, trace logs, and configure alerts.
Performance Logs and Alerts
A system component that can be monitored using System Monitor.
performance objects
A command line interpreter that can be used to gain access to a local hard drive in the event that the system fails to boot.
Recovery Console
A method of starting Windows 2000 with only the basic drivers and services.
safe mode
Events pertaining to the audit policy are written to the _______ _______.
security log
Where system components such as services and device drivers record information, warnings, and errors.
system log
A tool that allows you to gather and view real-time performance statistics of a local or network computer.
System Monitor
A tool used to view the processes and applications currently running on a system. Also provides basic resource usage statistics.
Task Manager
Where data provider collects performance data when an event occurs.
trace log