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When was he born?
When did he die?
Born: April 23, 1564
Died: April 23, 1616
Where was he born?
Stratford on Avon, England.
Who were his parents?
John Shakespeare and Mary Arden
How many children did he have with Anne Hathaway?
What kind of education did he recieve?
He only had a grammar school education- no high school or university.
Who are Lord Chamberlain's Men?
Shakespeare was one of them; it was an acting guild.
How many plays and sonnets has he written?
Name his three jobs involving plays.
Writer, actor, director
Name the 5 acts of a tragedy in order.
1. Introduction
2. Rising Action
3. Climax
4. Falling Action
5. Catastrophe
How did Shakespeare write his plays?
In iambic pentameter (blank verse) - with no rhyme.
When and where did people speak Elizabethan?
In the Renaissance, in England.
Who was James Burbage?
The carpenter/actor who made the first permanent theater in Europe- called The Theater. People sat on hay stacks in a circle.
Name the 5 levels of The Wooden O.
1. Trap Door
2. Main Stage
3. Balcony
4. Pulleys
5. Loft for musicians
What was the First Folio?
The group of actors who published Shakespears works 7 years after he had died.
Name the three P's that worked against Shakespeare.
Who is Christopher Marlowe?
The author of Dr. Faustus who died at 29 in a barroom brawl.
Who was Ben Johnson?
The author who hated Shakespeare, but ultimately wrote that his writings would last for eternity.
Who was John Wannamaker?
The philanthropist who rebuilt the Globe Theater.
How many times did the Globe Theater burn down?