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to happen or take place other events: to intervene, as with a specific treatment. (Are applied to regenerate restore,and maintain)
Dental Hygiene Intervention
A patient's voluntary agreement to a treatment plan after details of the proposed treatment have been presented and comprehended by the patient

*A legal document without a written document
Informend Consent
A Treatment Plan is an example of this
Informed Consent
Granted by the patient's presence in the dental chair, only applies to data collection procedures, data analysis, and treatment planning
Implied Consent
A patient's decision to refuse recommended treatment after all options, potential risks, and potential benefits have been thoroughly explained
Informed Refusal
Expected outcome with treatment(s), with alternative treatment (s), and without treatment
What are the 3 parts of a dental hygiene care plan
*Periodontal or Gingival Health
* Dental Caries
Name 3 individual patient requirements that can significantly influence the way in which a care plan is written
*Existing Etogolic Factors
* Severity and Extent of the Condition
* Individual Patient Requirements
What factor might affect the quadrant scaling and root planning sequence in a dental hygiene care plan
To arrange in order
a continuous or related series of things (such as dental hygiene interventions) following in a certain order or succession
Sequential outline of the essential services and procedures that must be carried out by the dentist, the dental hygienist, and the patient to eliminate disease and restore the oral cavity to health and normal function
Total Treatment plan
The services within the framework of the total treatment plan to be carried out by the dental hygienist
Dental hygiene care plan