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An index that measures all the evidence of a condition, past and present
Periodontal screening index that monitors individual or group periodontal treatment needs
CPITN (Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs)
Periodontal screening index used for individual patients
PSR (Periodontal Screening and Recording)
Combines a debris score and a calculus score using specific surfaces of six teeth
OHI-S (Simplified Oral Hygiene Index)
Refers to a brief initial examination for an individual or an assessment of many individuals to determine a certain characteristic in a population
A determination of accuracy and consistency between examiners; affects the reliability of data collection
Measures what it is intended to measure
Uses a triangular wooden interdental cleaner to identify areas of interproximal bleeding
EIBI (Eastman Interdental Bleeding Index)
A sweeping motion of the dental probe determines one aspect of gingival health when this gingival/periodontal index is used
GI (Gingival Index)
Dental indices are used to collect data for this type of study
An index that measures a condition that can be changed so no evidence of the condition will remain (dental biofilm)
Uses standardized gentle probing technique to locate areas of gingival bleeding
SBI (Sulcus Bleeding Index)
Determines caries experience in adult dentition
DMFT (Decayed, Missing, and Filled Permanent Teeth)
Refers to teeth 3,9,12,25,and 28; teeth used for classic epidemiologic studies of periodontal disease
Ramfjord Index Teeth
Consistency of measurement, enhanced by calibration of examiners
Refers to the number of new cases of a disease that occur during a certain period of time
An index that measures conditions that are not able to be changed so evidence of the condition will remain even after treatment
(e.g. dental caries)
The total number of cases of some disease or condition in a given population
Assess thickness of dental biofilm at the gingival area
PL I (Plaque Index)
A category of indices that measures only the prescence or absenceof a condition
An expression of clinical observation in numeriacal values
A more sensitive index that measures dental caries experience on surfaces of adult teeth
DMFS (Decayed, Missing, and Filled Permanent Tooth Surfaces)
Uses unwaxed dental floss to determine areas of interproximal gingival bleeding
GBI (Gingival Bleeding Index)
A trail run of a planned study using a small sample to pretest an instrument, survey, or questionaire
Pilot study
an inactive substance or preparation with no intrinsic therapeutic value given to satisfy a patient's symbolic need for drug therapy; used in controlled research studies