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How many objectives exist in TWS's mission statement?
Before officially and permanently becoming the Wildlife Society, the group of members was temporarily callewd what?
Society of Wildlife Specialists
In what city did TWS officially come into existence?
-St. Louis, MO
In what year did TWS come into existence?
In what city is the TWS main office?
Bethesda, MD
What is the TWS website?
What states are included in the southwest chapter of TWS?
-Arizona, NM, Texas
-Besides US and Canadian provinces, what other North American regions are included in TWS sections?
-Costa Rica
Who is the current president of the Idaho chapter of TWS?
-Gregg Servheen
Who is the current section representative of the southwest section of TWS?
Paul R. Krausman
Currently, how much is a student membership to TWS?
Which section of TWS has the most expensive dues?
-Western $20
How much does a general membership cost?
In 1999, TWS adopted what project for preserving recollections and impressions of key individuals in the evolution of the wildlife profession?
-Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage (COWCH)
When was the first recommended curriculum for a B.S. in wildlife first adopted by TWS?
Who is the current editor-in-chief of JWM, published by TWS?
-Michael L. Morrison
How many times per year is the JWM published?
What 3 journals does TWS publish?
-Journal of Wildlife Management
-Wildlife Monographs
-Wildlife Society Bulletin
When did TWS begin the Wildlife Monographs program?
What is the name of the bimonthly newsletter ublished by TWS?
-The Wildlifer