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Artificial intelligence
computers systems taking on the characteristics of human intelligence
data using technologies that can be set to one of two states
eight bits combined, standard unit of storage in digital electronics
Computer network
telecommunications network that connects two or more computrs for the purpse of sharing data, hardware and software resources.
Computer-based information system
makes use of computer hardware and software, databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures to manage and distribute digital information.
collection of data stored on a computer, organized to meet users' needs.
Decision support system
an iformtaion system used to support problem specific decision making
transforming non-difital informtaion to bit representation
Embedded computer
special purpose computer that are embedded in and control many electical devises on which we depend.
Expert system
A branch of AI, automates tasks that are carried out by human experts-tasks that can be well defined and are typically tedious, monotonous, or hazardous to th ehuman expert.
a collection of related records
an inddividual who subverts computer security without authorization
refers to the tangible components of a computer system or digital device.
data organized and presented in a manner that has additional value beyond the value of the data itself.
a computer station that provides the public with specific and useful information and services
Managment information system
information system used to provide useful information to decision makers usually in the form of a report.
at the heart of all digital electronics devices is one
an agreed-upon format for transmitting data between two devices.
powerful general-purpose computers that proved information services to numerous users over a computer network.
computer programs that control the workings of the computer hardware
most powerful and advanced type of computer
electronic transmission of signals for communication
Transaction processing system
information system used to support and record transactions
Voice over internet protocol
popular technology that allows phone conversations to travel over the internet or other data networks.
connects computers wirelessly to other computer networks
Wireless networking
uses radio signals or infrared rather than cables to connect computers and ditital devices to computer networks and through those networks to the Internet