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Stimulates the Nervous system, Endocrine System, and the chemicals of the body.
Reflexive effects
Techniques directly affect tissue normalizing connective tissue, moving body fluids and intestinal content
Effects fine motor activities, conscious selection and mood in terms of inspiration, possibly intuition, joy and enthusiasm
Does massage increase or decrease levels of dopamine.
Allows a person to maintain context-appropriate emotions, subdues irritability, and regulates drives to suppress urges.
Also reduces hunger and cravings and modulates sleep/wake cycles
Does massage increase or decrease levels of serotonin in the body.
Activates arousal mechanisms in the body for sympathetic fight or flight.
Epinephrine/ Adrenaline
Activates arousal mechanisms in the brain for sympathetic fight or flight.

Increased levels= hyperactivity,decreased restorative sleep
Low levels=sluggish, drowsy, fatigued
mood lifters that support satiety and modulate pain

Does massage increase or decrease these.

the hormone that allows bonding and intimacy along with it's functions in pregnancy, delivery, and lactation.
a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands during prolonged stress
Elevated levels increase sympathetic arousal and cause stress related symptoms such as:
Suppressed immunity
Sleep distubances
Increase in the level of substance P
Long time elevated cortisol levels cause:
Fluid retention
muscle weakness
break down of CT
Weight gain
Impaired wound healing
Does massage increase or decrease levels of cortisol and substance P.
Promotes cell division and has been implicated in the function of cell repair and regeneration.
Growth Hormone
Does massage increase/decrease levels of growth H.


By encouraging sleep and reducing cortisol.
Massage increases levels of _________, __________, and ________ which therefore facilitates the production n the natural killer cells in the immune system.
Serotonin, Dopamine, and Endorphines
Massage recalibrates the levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine. The first 15 minutes of massage stimulates the client's __________ nervous system making them more alert and attentive. One hour of massage will stimulate the ________________ nervous system relaxing the client.

Brain, Spinal Chord and their coverings
Central Nervous system
Nerve fiber innervation of the body walls (muscles, joints and other structures).
Somatic Nervous system
in the hypothalamus of the CNS, mind/body link- effects and is effected by the endocrine system
Autonomic Nervous system
fear/fight or flight system

Chemical factor- hormones, endorphins, and epinephrine is released.
Sympathetic Nervous system
Stages of sympathetic activationa dn stress
1. Alarm
2. Resistance
3. Exhaustion
fight or flight- arm and leg muscles tighten, BP increases, digestion shuts down, and glycogen is mobilized for energy.
15-30 min. `
hormones allow the body to continue fighting stressor long after alarm has dissipated. This is when cortisol is called in.
takes place if there is no relieft from stress. Cardio vascular, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal problems tend to develop. The body begins to break down. Burn out
Restorative patterns of peace and calm. Rest&digest.
Digestion and elimination increase and physical activity is curtailed. When we become fatigued the _______ Nervous system signals the body to rest.
Parasympathetic Nervous System
What is an example of the parasympathetic response to stress.

Parasympathetic dysfunction=
Chronic fatigue

massage influences both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to restore?
caused from abuse, neglect, or starvation. In animals it's called playing possum or hibernation. This plays a part in depression.

What kind of massage can help bring the client out?
But, what do you not want it to seem to be?
Conservation Withdrawal

Stimulating massage
synchronization to a rhythm. This is a reflex effect that is process in the ANS.
In body heart rate/ respiration rates and the thalamus set the rhythm. It promotes balance to support homeostasis.
music 4/4 beat at 60 Bpm or less _____ the body.
Faster will _____ but, if it is an even rhythm the body will achieve a focused altered state.

Meditation and relaxation methods create an environment for ____________.
When awareness differs from normal. Massage can induce this and therefore use this in controlling pain and in healing. It must be achieved for at least 15 min.
Altered state of consciousness
Both the massage practitioner and the client achieve this during a massage session. Therefore the massage is beneficial to both individuals
Altered state of consciousness
If some chemical is released during body work it may trigger an emotion or a memory or resolve a past experience that was unresolvable.

*Do not Counsel!
What should we do?
State Dependent Memory

Be there to calm them down.
Just massage and refer them to counseling.
This is the repeated exposure to stimuli that arouse. This teaches the body to manage the stressors and deal with the hormones that are released, which increase the individual's tolerance
This is a very effective and the caring focused attention given in massage may with with this powerful effect. The client's confidence and the massage therapist's attitude will effect this reaction. There is a 70-90%sucess rate using these.
Placebo effect.
What influences can massage have on the ANS
-Gives a person more internal control to the environment than the other way round.
- dissipates sympathetic stress and helps alleviate depression
-releases endorphins, natural pain killers and mood lifters
-increases sympathetic functions
--alters muscles to be more or less tense
________ influences movement, muscle contraction, and relaxation, and tone. Effects are mostly reflexive.
neuromuscular mechanisms include
-which contract or relax
- recieve and transmit info about muscle tension, and static tone.

What are types of proprioceptors?
Muscle spindles
Golgi tendon organs
Joint kinesthetic receptors
-Degree of stretch, joint position, speed of movement, equilibrim
What is a tense or spastic muscle?
what is a weakened muscle?
Often if a muscle is hyperactive the antagonist muscle becomes?