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What is a din?
A din is a loud, harsh, and continuous noise.
Where is Finnmark on a map?
Finnmark is an imaginary country between Finland and Denmark.
What is porridge?
Porridge is a type of hot cereal, similar to Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.
What is cackled?
A cackle is a loud, shrill noise. A witch cackles when she laughs with evil in her mind. A chicken also cackles.
What is shrieked?
A shriek is a loud, shrill scream-like sound. If it has an -ed added, it has already happened.
What is a troll?
A troll is a fictional character which is, generally, short and very ugly. Trolls are known for being mean and nasty.
What is splashed?
Splashed is when a person or thing jumps or walks through a puddle or liquid. That liquid then splashes or sprays all over everything or everyone.
What is a morsel?
A morsel is a tiny bit of food.
What does munched mean?
To munch something is to eat it. If the word has an -ed on the end, it means it has already happened.
Where is the Arctic Circle?
The Arctic Circle is at the North Pole. It is very, very cold and frigid. The land is ice and snow covered.
What is Oslo?
Oslo is the capitol city of Norway. Norway is very near Finland and Denmark.
What is a ruckus?
A ruckus is a noisy commotion or disruption. Adults do not like these but kids usually do.
What is grunted?
A grunt is a low, growling type noise. If the word grunt has an -ed added, it means it has already been done.
What is tweaking?
Tweaking means to pinch another person or thing. It may also mean that you are changing or editing something to make it better. In this story, it means to pinch.