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- agreement for temporary government of Plymouth Col.
-established fair laws for entire colony
-signed on board the Mayflower
Mayflower Compact
-English pilgrim
-spiritual leader of the Plymouth Colony
William Brewster
-English Pilgrim
-signer of the Mayflower Compact
-2nd governor of Plymouth Colony
-wrote story of the Pilgrims' jouney, colony
William Bradford
-English Pilgrim
-1st governor of Plymouth
-wrote peace treaty with Massasoit
Gov. John Carver
-Pawtuxet Indian
-was an advisor and interpreter to Pilgrims
-taught farming techniques to Pilgrims
-Wampanoag chief
-signed peace treaty with Pilgrims
-attended the 1st Thanksgiving
-voyage from Sep. 6 - Dec. 21, 1620
-filled with Separtists
-sailed on Mayflower, landing on Plymouth Rock
Pilgrim voyage
-1st governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
-leader of the Puritans
John Winthrop