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What are the 3 types odf neoplastic proliferations?
1- lymphoid
2- myeloid
Eosinophils have ____ colored staining appearance.
bright pink
Basophils have ___ colored staining?
dark purple
Define Leukopenia.
Low WBC count
Define Agranulocytosis. What are you at high risk for?
Severe leukopenia
Infection due to lack of neutrophils
Define reactive leukocytosis. What is it usually in response to?
High WBC count
drugs or infection
Infectious Mono is _____ in nature and involves the __ and ___.
viral, blood and lymph nodes
Define Lymphadenitis.
Inflammation of lymph nodes
viral and mycobacterial
Describe normal lymph nodes.
follicles and germinal centers
- cortex and paracortex
Infect. Mono is usually caused by _____. It is an infection of the ______.
EBV, B-cells
______is common in college age students and presents with fever, sore throat and splenomegaly.
Infectious Mono
You will see monospot positivity in _____.
Infect. Mono
Even though IM affects the B-cells, you will see ____.
anormal T-cells
A lymphoid neoplasm in the blood is termed _____?
Lymphoid neoplasm of the lymph node is termed ___?
80% of lymphomas are _____ neoplasms.
Describe what a lymphoma looks like when you cut into it.
fish flesh
What separates a hodgkin from a non-hodgkin lymphoma.
prognosis and treatment
______ comprise about 40% of all adult lymphomas.
T or F: follicular lymphomas can be decribes as Indolent. patients will feel a bump--but it wont hurt.
TRUE, it is not aggressive, but it is very hard to treat
Is bone marrow most always involved at the time of diagnosis during a follicular lymphoma?
What is the translocation for follicular lymphomas?
_____ comprise about 4% of lymphomas.
Mantle cell
Mantle cell lymphomas are found mostly in _____ and involve the _____.
older men, GI tract
Is bone marrow always involved with Mantle cell Lymphomas at time of diagonisis?
no, only about 20%of the time
What is the translocation of Mantle cell lymphoma?
T or F: Mantle cell can be desrcibed as very agressive.
True, mean survival is 3-5 years
What is probably the most common Lymphoma?
Difuse Large B-cell lymphoma
Is bone marrow involved at time of diagnosis of Diffuse LBL?
Does DLCL consume the entire lymph node.
Is Birkitt lymphoms very aggressive?
very very aggressive
What bones of the face does Burkitt consume?
the mandible and maxilla
What is the catch word for Burkitt lymphoma?
stary sky appearance
Describe the usualy route for Hodgkin's ltmphoma.
starts in single node and travels down the chain in the neck.
What is the catch phrase of Hodgkin's?
Reed-Sternberg cells
What are some B-symptoms of hodgkins?
fever, night sweats and weight loss
What are 4 subtypes of hodgkins?
1- nodular sclerosing (most common)
2- mixed cellularity
3- lymphoctye predominance
4- ltmphocyte depletion
What is the MOST important prognosis for hodgkins?
How to patients respond to treatment in hodgkins?
very well
Multiple myeloma is a ______ disease
A "disease of plasma cells" is ____.
multiple myeloma
What are 5 factors associated with multiple myelomas?
1- bone lesions (fractures)
2- amyloidosis
3- hypercalcemia
4- recurrent infections
5- renal insufficiency
IN ____ you will see Rouleaux formation. This is _____.
Multiple myeloma,
RBC stacking on top of one another (b/c of excess proteins)
Leukemias arise in the _____.
blood stream
Name the 4 types of leukemia.
1- acute myeloid
2- acute lymphoid
3- chronic myeloid
4- chronic lymphoid
In acute leukemia will you see any mature cells?
No, none!! (this is a very agressive disease)
In acute leukemia is the bone marrow depression due to the fact that the immature cells are taking over.
What are 4 manifestatioins with acute leukemia?
1- thrombocytopenia
2- anemia
3- bone pain
4- splenomegaly
Will you see mature cells in chronis leukemia?
yes! mature lymphcytes and mature myeloid cells
How long can patients survive with chronic leukemia?
for years, but it is indolent (hard to cure)
Acute Lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) occurs in __ and ___.
children and young adults
What can you do to distinguish a B cell ALL from a T-cell ALL?
perform flow cytometry--look for markers
ALL comprises ___ of chilhood leukemias?
AML is a disease of mainly ____.
adults over 30-40
Are their many different types of AML?
______ are very distinctive of AML?
Auer rods
What is an Auer rod?
it is found only in myeloid cells, it is the granules forming a rod
Are their mature cells in CLL?
Describe CLL.
it is an acuumulation of long-lived nonfunctional B-cells
How long can patients live with CLL?
A long time, unless it transforms into a more agressive form
If you see mature lymphocytes with smudge cell, you can predict ___.
___ affects adults b/t ages 25-60.
Chronic Myelogenous leukemia
What gene corresponds to CML?
the BCR/ABL gene, or philly gene : t(9,22)
IS CML aggressive or indolent?
What is being used to treat CML nowadays?
IF there is something in the bone marrow proliferating out of control--with erythroid precursors--it might be ___?
Polycythemia Vera
What is essential thrombocytopenia?
platelets proliferating out of control
What is myelofibrosis?
fibroblasts growing out of control---very serious
Birbeck granule is very characteristicof ______.
Langerhans Cell Histiocytoses
What shape are birbeck granules.
a tennis racket