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mone me, amobo te, si erro
Advise me please if i am mistaken.
festina lente
Make haste slowly. (idiom)
festino, fastinare- to hasten, make haste

lente- slowly (adverb)
laudas me; culpant me
You praise me, they blame me.
culpo, culpare- to blame, censure
saepe peccamus
We often sin.
pecco, peccare- to sin
Quid debemus cogitare?
What must we think?
Conservate me!
Preserve me!
present active imperative
rumor volat
Rumours fly.
volo, volare- to fly
me non amat
He loves me not.
nihil me terret
Nothing frightens me.
appollo me saepe servat.
Appollo often saves me.
Salvete- quid videtis? Nihil videmus.
Hello- what do you see? I see nothing .
Saepe nihil cogitas.
You often think nothing.
Bis das, si cito das.
You give twice, if you give quickly.
bis- twice (adverb)

cito- quickly (adverb)

Ancient Proverb.
Si vales, valeo.
If you are well, I am well.
What does he see?
Quid videt?
They are giving nothing.
Nihil dant.
You ought not to praise me.
Non debes me laudere.
If I err, he often warns me.
Si erro, saepe me monet.
If you love me, save me please!
Si me amos, conserva me, amobe te.