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adv., always
filia, filiae
f., dat. and abl. pl. filiabus, daughter
filius, filii
m., son
Romanus (m.), Romana (f.)
adj., Roman
prep. & abl., down from, from; concerning, about; also as a prefix with such meanings as down, away, aside, out, off
habeo, habere, habui, habitum
to have, hold, posess, consider, regard
satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatum
to satisy, sate
pauci (m.), paucae (f.)
adj., usually pl., few, a few
puer, pueri
m., boy; pl. boys, children
populus, populi
m., the people, a people, a nation
numerus, numeri
m., number
sapientia, sapientiae
f., wisdom
avarus (m.), avara (f.)
adj., greedy, avaricious
vir, viri
m., man, hero
prep. & abl., in, on
adv., today
ager, agri
m., field, farm
agricola, agricolae
m., farmer
femina, feminae
f., woman
amica, amicae
f., friend
amicus, amici
m., friend