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aetas, aetatis, f.
period of life, life, age, an age, time
auditor, auditoris, m.
hearer, listener, member of an audience
clementia, -ae, f.
mildness, gentleness, mercy
mens, mentis, f.
mind, thought, intention
satura, -ae, f.
acer, acris, acre, adj.
sharp, keen, eager; severe, fierce
brevis, breve, adj.
short, small, brief
celer, celeris, celere, adj.
swift, quick, rapid
difficilis, difficile, adj.
hard, difficult, troublesome
facilis, facile, adj.
easy, agreeable
dulcis, dulce, adj.
sweet; pleasant, agreeable
fortis, forte, adj.
strong, brave
ingens, adj.
gen. ingentis, huge
iucundus, -a, -um, adj.
agreable, pleasant
longus, -a, -um, adj.
omnis, omne, adj.
every, all
potens, adj.
(gen. potentis) able, powerful (NB this is the pres. part. of possum)
quam, adv.
rego, regere, rexi, rectum
to rule, guide, direct
libellus, libelli, m.
little book
qui, quae, quod, rel.pron.
who, which, what (relative pronoun)
caecus, -a, -um, adj.
levis, leve, adj.
light, slight, easy, trivial
aut, conj.
or; aut...aut, either...or
quoque, adv.
also, too
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissum
to admit, receive, let in
-, coepisse, coepi, coeptum
began. (Infinitive, coepisse. Defective verb, used only in the perfect system.)
cupio, cupire, cupivi, cupitum
to desire, wish, long for
deleo, delere, delui, deletum
to destroy, wipe out, erase
desidero, desiderare, desideravi, desideratum
to desire, long for, miss
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptum
to begin
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatum
to sail, navigate
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectum
to neglect, disregard
recito, recitare, recitavi, recitatum
to read aloud, recite
flumen, fluminis, n.
genus, generis, n.
origin, kind, sort, class
hostis, hostis, m.
an enemy
ludus, ludi, m.
game, sport
probitas, probitatis, f.
uprightness, honesty
scientia, scientiae, f.
clarus, -a, -um, adj.
clear, bright; renowned, famous, illustrious
mortalis, mortale, adj.
a or ab, prep.
(with abl.) away from, from; (agent) by (NB a is used before cosonants; ab is used before consonants or vowels)
cras, adv.
cur, adv.
deinde, adv.
thereupon, next, then
heri, adv.
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxum
to flow
lego, legere, legi, lectum
to pick out, choose; read
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum
moveo, movere, movi, motum
to move; arouse, affect
videor, videri, visus sum, -
(pass. of video) to be seen, seem, appear