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Quis libertatem eorum eo tempore delere coepit?
Who began to destroy their freedom at that time?
Cuius libertas ab isto auctore deinde deleta est?
Whose liberty was then destroyed by that author?
Quos libros bonos poeta caecus heri recitavit?
What good books did the blind poet recite yesterday?
Feminae libros difficiles cras legent quos misisti.
Tomorrow, the women will read the difficult books that you sent.
Omnia flumina in mare fluunt et cum eo miscentur.
All rivers flow into the ocean and are mixed with it.
Itaque id genus ludorum levium, quod a multis familiis laudabatur,
nos ipsi numquam cupimus.
And so, we ourselves never long for that type of trifling game(s), which used to be praised by many families.
Pueri et puellae propter facta bona a matribus patribusque laudatae
The boys and girls have been praised by their mothers and fathers because of good deeds.
Cur isti veritatem timebant, qua multi adiuti erant?
Why did those men fear truth, by which many had been helped?
Hostis trans ingens fiumen in Graecia deinde navigavit.
An enemy then sailed across an vast river in Greece.
Qui vir fortis clarusque, de quo legisti, aetatem brevem mortemque
celerem exspectabat?
What brave and famous man, of whom you have read, was waiting for a brief life and swift death?
Quae studia gravia te semper delectant, aut quae nunc desideras?
What serious studies always delight you, or which do you now desire?
Quid vidit sex qui hoc paraverat?
Who saw the six men who had prepared this?
Quid heri neglectum est a secundo discipulo?
What was neglected by the second student yesterday?
Scientia iuti sumus quae ab eo neglecta erat.
We were helped by the knowledge which had been neglected by him.
Cuius consilia senes omnium urbium timuerunt? Quae dilexerunt?
Whose plans did the old men of all cities fear? Which plans did
they esteem?
Quae est natura animi? Est mortalis. (Lucretius.)
What is the nature of the soul? It is mortal.
Illa argumenta visa sunt et gravia et certa. (Cicero)
Those proofs seemed both serious and clear.
Quid nos facere contra istos et scelera eorum debemus? (Cicero.)
What must we do against those men and their crimes?
Quid ego egi? In quod periculum iactus sum? (Terence.)
What have I done? Into what danger have I been thrown?
O di immortales! In qua urbe vivimus? Quam civitatem habemus?
Quae scelera videmus? (Cicero.)
O immortal gods! In what city do we live? What state do we have? What crimes do we see?
Qui sunt boni cives nisi ei qui beneficia patriae memoria tenent?
Who are good citizens if they are not those who remember gifts for the fatherland? [alt: ... those who remember the benefits/rights of the fatherland.]
Alia, quae pecunia parantur, ab eo stulto parata sunt; at mores eius
veros amicos parare non potuerunt. (Cicero.)
Other things, which are provided by money, have been provided by that fool; but his character was not able to provide true friends.