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Second decl. noun and adj. masc. endings: sing
-us/-er (usually); -i, -o, -um, -o
Second decl. masc. endings: pl.
-i, -orum, -is, -os, -is
Second decl. masc: amicus, sing.
amicus, amici, amico, amicum, amico
Second decl. masc. magnus, pl.
magni, magnorum, magnis, magnos, magnis
Second decl. masc. puer, sing.
puer, pueri, puero, puerum, puero
Second decl. masc. puer, plural.
pueri, puerorum, pueris, pueros, pueris
Second decl. masc. vir, sing
vir, viri, viro, virum, viro
Second decl. masc. vir, pl.
viri, virorum, viris, viros, viris
Construction?: "Gaium, filium meum, in agro video."
Second decl. neut. endings, sing.
-um, -i, -o, -um, -o (e.g. donum)
Second decl. neut. endings, pl.
-a, -orum, -is, -a, -is
Second decl. neut. sing: donum
donum, doni, dono, donum, dono
Second decl. neut. pl: donum
dona, donorum, donis, dona, donis
present indicative: esse
sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt