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(1&2d.adj) longus,-a,-um > stem fr.fem = long (far)
(pos.adv):longē (comp.adv):longius (superl.adv):longissimē
(1&2d.adj) līber, lībera, līberum > stem fr.fem = līber (freely)
(pos.adv):līberē (comp.adv):līberius (superl.adv):līberrimē
(1&2d.adj) pulcher,-chra,-chrum > stem fr.fem = pulchr (beautifully)
(pos.adv):pulchrē (comp.adv):pulchrius (superl.adv):pulcherrimē
(3d.adj) fortis,-e > stem fr.fem = fort (bravely)
(pos.adv):fortiter (comp.adv):fortius (superl.adv):fortissimē
(3d.adj) celer, celeris, celere > stem fr.fem = celer (quickly)
(pos.adv):celeriter (comp.adv):celerius (superl.adv):celerrimē
(3d.adj) ācer, ācris, ācre > stem fr.fem = ācr (keenly)
(pos.adv):ācriter (comp.adv):ācrius (superl.adv):ācerrimē
(3d.adj) fēlīx, gen. fēlīcis > stem fr.gen = fēlīc (happily)
(pos.adv):fēlīciter (comp.adv):fēlīcius (superl.adv):fēlīcissimē
(3d.adj) sapiēns, gen. sapientis > stem fr.gen = sapient (wisely)
(pos.adv):sapienter (comp.adv):sapientius (superl.adv):sapientissimē
(3d.adj) facilis,-e > stem fr.fem = facil (easily)
(pos.adv):facile (comp.adv):facilius (superl.adv):facillimē
bonus,-a,-um > irregular = bene (well)
(pos.adv):bene (comp.adv):melius (superl.adv):optimē
(1&2d.adj) malus,-a,-um > stem fr.fem = mal (badly)
(pos.adv):male (comp.adv):peius (superl.adv):pessimē
(1&2d.adj) multus,-a,-um > stem fr.fem = mult (much)
(pos.adv):multum (comp.adv):plūs (superl.adv):plūrimum
magnus,-a,-um > irregular = magnopere (greatly)
(pos.adv):magnopere (comp.adv):magis (superl.adv):maximē
parvus,-a,-um > irregular = parum (little, not much)
(pos.adv):parum (comp.adv):minus (superl.adv):minimē
diurnus,-a,-um > irregular = diū (for a long time)
(positive adv):diū (comparative adv):diūtius (superl.adv):diūtissimē
preps. prō & prae (before, in front of) > no of before, earlier; first
(positive adv):n/a (comparative adv):prius (superl.adv): prīmō (first, at first) OR prīmum (in the first place)