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I am a type of cell that doesn't have any nucleus or internal membranes.

What am I?
I am a Prokaryote
I am a type of cell with internal membranes, such as lysosomes, vacuoles, and mitochondria
I am a Eukaryote
I have chromosomes (DNA) wrapped with special proteins into a CHROMATIN NETWORK.

I am surrounded by selectively permeable membrane that contains nuclear pores for the passage of large molecules like mRNA.

I store genetic information that determines heredity. I also direct the activities of a cell.

What am I?
I am a Nucleus.
I am the prominent region seen in the nucleus during interphase.

Production of ribosomes occur here.

What am I?
I am a Nucleolus.
I am found free in the cytoplasm or attached to the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM (ER)

Site of protein synthesis

What am I?
I am Ribosomes
I am a network of membranous system of channels and flattened sacs that traverse the cytoplasm.

I have a Rough ER and a Smooth ER.

What am I?
I am the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
I have ribosomes that stud the cytoplasmic surface of the membrane. This makes me appear "rough".

Site of protein synthesis

What am I?
I am Rough ER
I synthesize steroid hormones and other lipids.

I connect rough ER to Golgi apparatus.

I carry out various detoxification processes.

My name came from the fact that I lack ribosomes on my cytoplasmic surface.

What am I?
I am Smooth ER
I package and export substances produced in the ER.

I lie near the nucleus.

I consist of flattened membranous sacs.
I am Golgi Apparatus
Like a warehouse.
I am found in large numbers in phagocytic white blood cells.

I am made of vesicles of digestive enzymes.

I carry out programmed destruction of cells.

What am I?
I am Lysosome
I contain an enzyme that converts harmful H2O2 to water.

In liver cells, I detoxify alcohol.

What am I?
I am Peroxisome.
I am enclosed in a double membrane.

Site of aerobic cellular respiration, the process that generates ATP.
I am Mitochondria.
Like a powerhouse
I am a complex network of protein filaments in the cytoplasm, including MICROTUBULES & MICROFILAMENTS.

I give the cell its shape and ability to move.

What am I?
I am Cytoskeleton.
I am hollow tubes.

I make up cilia, flagella, and spindle fibers.

What am I?
I am Microtubules.
I help form cleavage furrow during cell division.

I enable amoeba to send out pseudopods.

I make up the ACTIN contracting fibers in skeletal muscle.

What am I?
I am Microfilaments.
I am found only in plant cells; not animal cells.

In plants and algae, I am made of cellulose.

In fungi, I am made of chitin.
I am Cell Wall