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Drew Barrymore anyone?
No thanks. She makes me want to purge my internal organs one by one out of my nostrils.

Stephen King seems to like her. . . so I'll try to refrain from smiting the bitch.
How many friends do I have?
Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nill.

Not a one.
How self-absorbed am I?
::all together now::

"How self-absorbed ARE you?"
What is my middle name?

In "Batman" televison show, what do the Penguin's henchmen have printed on their chests?
"Henchman", duh.
How many personalities do I have?
To whom are you reffering?
How stupid is my middle name?
Insanely. Thanks for asking.
WHo are Eddie, Saffy, and Patsy?
Edwina and Safferon Monsoon. Patsy Whats-Her-Face.

Ab Fab dear.
Why do people call them The Fuzz?
I swear, I thought you knew!
Do I like "Laugh In"?
My most dispised of all 60's televison shows.
What do I just say that I'm afraid of?
Expletives and feces.
What am I really afraid of?
Being alone.
Do I dispise Winona Ryder?
What is my biggest charactor flaw?
My charactor is like swiss cheese and youre asking for ONE?
Do I like George Clooney?
Only his name. . . it's cool.

I'm Gonna get a little puppy and name her George Clooney.

And I'll hug her and squeeze her and call her Georgie.
What is my favorite quote?. . . for now.
What's so great about a nerdy pickle?
--Patrick Star.

What?! You don't know who PATRICK STAR is?

You lose immediatly. Go away!