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Day one I stumbled through hello on 5th avenue, Day two we grabbed a _____to eat and ____________________.
talked all afternoon
one word, three words
Caught a movie on day _________, and day sixty-seven she _______________
said I love you to me
one word, 6 words
Ooh we had our ups and downs all along the way, she had a chance to leave but __________
chose to stay
3 words
Day one-sixteen I asked her what she was doing for _____________, Day one-eighty____, oh I almost lost that girl to my foolish pride
the rest of my life,
5 word, one word
She said "I do" on day four-eighty-two, and gave me a ____ on day seven-sixty-one
one word
Day 18,253, Well Honey, that's ________, yeah here's to you and me
fifty years
2 words