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Leader of the Soviet Union at the onset of the cold war-
Joseph Stalin
Island that became a holding place for Soviet Missiles, close to the USA-
Theory that hypothesized that if one country in a region fell, another country would fall in the same region-
Domino Theory(affect)
Parallel that Divided North and South Vietnam-
17th Parallel
Name of supply line to the Vietcong in South Vietnam-
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Nation that MacArthur wanted to invade-
Nationalist gruip that fought against the US in South ietnams-
Nation that boycotted the Security Council, in an effort to protest the recognition of nationalist China-
Soviet Union
The members of the Security Council-
France, GB, USSR, US, China
Country that controlled Korea from 1910 to -
Military alliance between western nations to combat communism-
National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Democratic Demonstration in China in 1989-
Tianahmen Square Massacre
Act that was passed to limit presidential powers after the vietnam War-
War Powers Act
Stalin's blockade of West Berlin
Berlin Wall
Mao's groups that were personally loyal to Mao-
Red Guards
Name of two new weapons used to diminish the thickness of jungle in Vietnam
Agent Orange and Napalm
A Call to the end of fighting, occurred in Korea in 1953
General that led UN/USA troops in Korean War, later removed
General MacArthur
"Father of the Republic of China"
Sun Yat-Sen
Name of massacre where soldiers were told to "kill anything that breathes"
My Lai Massacre
Parallel that divided North and South Korea
38th parallel
President that did not resent troops in 1975 to South Vietnam
Gerald Ford
Invasion if this country allowed US to cut off supply lines into South Vietnam
Name if resolution that granted Johnson broad military oiwers
Gulf of tonkin and Resolution
Leader of the Republican Party in China
Jiang Jieshi
The Two superpowers after WWII
US and Soviet Union
Conference that divided Germany and Berlin into 4 zones
Western Power that wanted to regain influence in Vietnam
Unification of three zones of Berlin
West Berlin
Leader of North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
International peace organization fromed in April 1945
Policy developed to stop the spread of communism
Containment and Truman doctrine
Sybolic division name between Eastern and Western Europe
Iron Curtain
Communist controlled nation in Easter Europe
Soviet Unions Satellites
Economic plan that helped rebuild Europe
Marshall Plan
The Soviet organizied response to NATO
The warsaw Pact
DMZ in Korea
demilitarized zone: an area with no military forces on the 38th.
Weapins race between the Soivet Union and US
Arms Race
Dangerous places around the world that were fighting between communism and democracy
Hot spots
Island that became a holding place for Soviet Missiles, close to the USA
Chinese dynasty overthrown in 1991
king dynasty
student demonstration that protested the Versailles Treaty
May 4th Movements
Chiang Kai-Shek's solidification of control, driving the communists north
northern expedition
1968 attacks that forced the US to retake
Fet Offensive (vietamese war)
Leader of the communist party in china
Mao Zedong
Nationalists left China and fled to this country
Mao's economic plan that failed
Great Leap Forward
Mao's purging of communist party officials
accused them of being anti-nao couter-revolutionary
competition between USSR and USA, trying to get to space
space race
The easing of Cold War Tension
Occured after the death of stalin