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what group was responsable for spreading the bubonic plague
what was the central issue of the hundred years war
the throne of france
marrage ,selling positions in the church, kings chosing bishops
church reform
what were the effects of the three feild system
increase in food production and always having enough to eat
the magna carta promises what
basic political rights
what is a guild
the association of people who wored the same occupation
surfs left the manor because they beleived they could be free where
in towns
what was the legisslative boody of england called
what cause the great schism
the election of three different popes
what was the goal of the crusades
to take back jerusalem
what were tournaments
mock battles for recreation and combat training
system of government based on the exchange of land for military protection
feudal system
communities of christian monks were called
who stoped muslims from invading europe
charles martel
what was a grant of land from a to a vassel
what what was the law of the churchthat desided marrages and church practices
cannon law
who was crowned emperor by leoII and reunited western europe
what was the complex set of ideas of code of the knights called
what was the lords estate called
the act of taking away the right tointeract with the church and church practices