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European countries with high GDP's
Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden
European countries with large land sizes
Ukraine, France, Spain
European countries with large populations
Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France
Europe is part of a large landmass called __________.
Name 4 European peninsulas
Iberian, Italian, Scandinavian, Jutland
List 3 European Islands
Great Britian, Ireland, Sicily
steep sided jagged, cliffs created by glaciers, found in Norway
List major mountain ranges in Europe
Alps, Pyrenees, Apennines, Urals
Major European rivers
Danube, Rhine, Seine, Thames, Volga
Major Seas of Europe
Adriatic, Aegean, Mediterranean, Baltic, Black and North Seas
2 major oceans bordering Europe
Atlantic & Arctic
Strait of Gibraltar
strait between Spain and Morocco in Northern Africa
Why are climates in Europe mild?
North Atlantic Drift and westerlies keep mild and adequate rainfall year round
Why are mountains important to Europe?
tourism, recreation, mineral resources
What areas in Europe are threatened by pollution and environmental issues?
Black Forest - Germany
Venice - Italy
Rivers - Danube, Rhine, Seine
Why are the Rhur Valley and the Po Valley important?
industrial & transportation centers, near mineral deposits, coal & iron ore
What features serve as important transportation links?
Rivers and canals
What natural resource is found in the North Sea?
Describe Switzerland's workforce.
well educated, industrial & technological societies, banking
Why does Europe have good agriculture?
advanced farming techniques, high crop yields, fertile soils, black earth (chernozem), well developed infrastructure
a tunnel under the English Channel connecting UK and France
in Netherlands, land pumped dry of water to reclaim land to use for farming, housing etc.
Describe what developed countries have in common.
high GDP, high life expectancy, low population growth, low infant mortality, low percentage of population under 15, high literacy rate