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The majority party's leader in Parliament as head of Government.Each of Canada's 10 provinces has a legislature & premier.
What is a Prime Minister?
Each of the 10 territorial provinces has a Prime Minister.
When Canada's Native American people started trading w/ European fishermen along N.Atlantic Coast.
What are the First Nations?
trade betw. Native Americans and European Fishermen
People of mixed French & Native American heritage from intermarriage.
What are the Metis?
blended racial offspring of French & Indian geneology
Public lands set aside for them by the Gov.; some 2,300 reserves for Native Americans are in Canada.
What are Reserves?
Ex. Inuit are in Nunavut around Arctic Circle.
Eastern Canada is the location of 4 Atlantic Provinces: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, & Newfoundland.
What are the Atlantic Provinces?
Eastern Canada
(54degrees N X 72 d. W.) A core province of Canada which is French-Speaking; has tried to gain secession & separate statehood.
What is Quebec?
French Culture & Language; Cajun people from New Orleans came from Acadia in Quebec.
A core province of Canada, British & English speaking population which borders Great Lakes & Northern U.S.A.
What is Ontario?
The province of Canada most like the U.S.
Territories west of Ontario and Quebec including Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta.
What are the Prairie Provinces?
Mid-Western Canada territory
Canada's westernmost province w/n Rocky Mtn. Range, 3/4 of Province >3,000ft. above sea level; includes Victoria & Vancouver
What is British Columbia?
Has economy based on logging , mining & hydro-electric power.
Lands carved out of eastern half of N.W. Territories in 1999; home to Inuit/Eskimos. Rugged terrain, harsh climate; Economy = mining, fishing, & logging.
What is Nunavut?
Land give to the Native Americans as a Reserve in Canada
Political Units; The British Government divided Canada into Upper Canada (English Speaking)Ontario &Lower Canada(FrenchSpeaking)Quebec.
What are Provinces?
Dividing Canadian Cultures into Roman Catholic French and Protestant English.
In 1867, reform by British government passed the British North America Act creating the _____ __ ______.
What is the Dominion of Canada?
p. 156.
Enacted to solve serious political & ethnic disputes betw. Upper & Lower Canada.
A political union; a loose union of Ontario, Quebec, and two British colonies of Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.
What is a Confederation?
p. 156.
this dominion had self-government but remained part of the British Empire w/ Ottawa in Ontario as Capital.
A system of government in which legislative and executive functions are combined.
What is Parliamentary Government?
In 1931, Canada was recognized as an independent nation by Britain.
A legislature which has both legislative and executive functions.
What is Parliament?
p. 158.
Consists of an appointed Senate and an elected House of Commons with a prime minister as head of government.