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Movement of peoples within the U.S.
What is Migration?
Ex. immigration or emigration
The movement of plants, animals, & diseases between the Eastern and Western himispheres during the age of exploration
What is the Columbian Exchange?
Includes slave trade of 600,000 Africans brought to U.S. to work plantations & diseases exchanged betw. old & new worlds.
The U.S. (1803) nearly doubled its size when the government purchased the vast plains regions between the Mississippi & Rocky Mnts.
from France.
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
Thomas Jefferson acquired this land from Emperor Napolean Bonaparte of France.
Free, open lands that had been available & suitable for settlement.
What is the Frontier?
By 1890 these lands were settled by some 17 million people between the Mississippi and Pacific Ocean.
Communities outside the city fed by populations moving out of city to live.
What are the Suburbs?
Buford and Alpharetta are suburbs of Atlants
Gov. where people rule through elected representatives; a federal republic where powers are divided among federal/national government and various state government.
What is a Representative Democracy?
citizen voters elect their own representatives to promote their interests in government.
Goods sold to another country.
What are Exports?
Balance of Trade requires that a countries ________ are greater than its imports.
An economic system, private individuals own most of the resources, technology, and businesses and can operate them for profit with little control by the government.
What is Free Enterprise?
Capitalism or Market Economy are synonyms for this type economic system.
Any kind of economic activity that produces a service rather than a product.
What is Service Industry?
3/4 of Americans work in service-related jobs
An economic phase where manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role.
What is a Post-Industrial economy?
Manufacturing & agriculture become less dominant and services more dominant
American corporations engage in business worldwide by building factories in neighboring countries where less controls and production costs yield more profit.
What are Multinationals?
Mexican automotive plants produce Volkswagons and Chinese factories make fine furniture for the U.S.A.
A subregion of Northeast U.S. made up of 6 states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, & Connecticut.
What is the New England Region?
Fishing, banking & computer industry are prominent
A region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow together.
What is the Megalopolis?
Boswash = Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Washington, D.C.
A subregion containing 12 states of the North-Central U.S. = 1/5 the land & 1/4 the population of U.S.
What is the Midwest Region?
Also called America's Heartland and Nation's Breadbasket.
A subregion covering 1/4 of land area and 1/3 the population of U.S. 11 of 16 Southern States were in the confederacy during Civil War
What is the Southern Region?
This region was based on a cultural heritage involving commercial agriculture of cotton, tobacco, & indigo.
Large cities and nearby towns & suburbs. Ex. Atlanta, Ga. is Hub of the New South due to financial, trade & transportation activities.
What are Metropolitan Areas?
Ex. Miami, Tampa-St.Petersburg, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas-FT. Worth
& San Diego
A subregion of the U.S. consisting of 13 states from the Plains to Pacific including Alaska & Hawaii.
What is the Western Region?
Covers 1/2 land area of U.S. and only 1/5 of population. California is most densely populated & Los Angeles the largest city.