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What fraction of the world's population lives in E & SE Asia?
Which country has the world's highest population?
China 1.2 billion
Which country has the world's 2nd most highest population?
India 1.1 billion
Nearly 1 billion people in India live along the coast and the ___________ River.
Why do the inhabitants of China live in Eastern China?
Coast - easy shipping/trade
best climate: high mts. in west -lack of oxygen, desert in North - too dry for agri, best arable land is in lowland areas
How does China limit their population growth?
one child rule
How do families in Japan and Singapore slow their population growth?
voluntarily lower birthrates due to high living costs
The Portuguese colonists named the island of ________, "Formosa" meaning beautiful island.
What type of government does China have?
What is China's official name?
People's Republic of China
Why is Tibet a disputed territory?
1.wants independence
2.can't worship as they choose - buddhism
3.unexplored minerals
What environmental issues do the following countries have in common: Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia?
Which European nations established colonies in Asia during the age of imperalism?
Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands
Great Britain recently returned ____________ to China based on a treaty between the two countries.
Hong Kong
Which countries have been partitioned by human methods?
Vietnam & Korea
How was Vietnam & Korea partitioned?
divided at lines of parallels to divide communists from noncommunists sections
How was India & Pakistan partitioned by human methods?
separated by British into Muslim (Pakistan) & Hindu (India) areas
Why was the Great Wall of China built?
built by the Chinese to keep out Mongol invaders
What was the Silk Road?
overland trade route from Southwest Asia to China
When/Why did the US send troops to East & SE Asia?
WWII, Korean War, Vietnam Conflict
Burma's current military government has renamed the country ________.
What religions are widely practiced in Asia?
Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
Which religion is NOT widely practiced in Asia?
What is a Buddhist place of worship called?
pagota (or wats)
What have Asian nations done to try to unify their populations?
adopt one official language
What is the caste system?
social structure developed in ancient India, divides society into major classes according to occupation
Asia has many densely OR sparsely populated areas?
Many Asian nations have a history of being isolated from the rest of the world.
What are the communist Asian nations?
China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos
Who is treated with great respect in most Asian cultures?
Describe Asia's agriculture.
varied climate allows opportunities for a variety of agricultural products
Define archipelago.
a large group of islands
Asia has many OR few natural resources?
Many - wide variety
What is essential to Asia's agriculture and trade?
rivers, seas, oceans
(irrigation, trade etc)
List some archipelagos that benefit from their location regarding transportation and economic activity.
Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia
What is the highest mountain range in the world?
What country is between the Plateau of Tibet and the Himalayas?
What is the importance of physical features in Asia?
Mts. - defense
Rivers - begin in mts
natural political boundaries
What natural hazards does Asia experience?
earthquakes, volcanoes, monsoons, typhoons
(occasionally tsumanis)
How is Japan prepared for earthquakes?
building codes - earthquake resistant
foundations of high rise buildings are on springs/ball bearings
homes built of wood and paper
What natural hazards has India recently been devistated by?
flooding, earthquakes, monsoons
What country is taking actions to lessen the effects of flooding from the Brahmaputra River?
What is a typhoon?
tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean, heavy rain, winds
What is a monsoon?
wind that blows the same direction for months at a time at a definite season of year - Summer monsoons are wet, Winter monsoons are dry
What is a site in the desert where water can be found?
What is a large, potentially destructive sea wave usually caused by plate tectonic activity called?
Why have large areas of Asia's forest been destroyed?
sell hardwoods, more living space needed, more farmland needed, natural forces - volcanoes
The clearing or destruction of forest on large scale basis is called __________.
What is it called when electricity is produced by harnessing the power of running water?
hydroelectric power
Why has the 3 Gorges Dam brought worldwide attention?
displace millions, largest environmental project attempted, manual labor and old construction methods used, largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world, seen from space
How does Asia's economy vary?
subsistence/commercial farming, high tech industry, varied human and capital sources depending on country
Many Asian nations are increasing OR decreasing their participation in global markets?
Which Asian country is a global leader in high tech industry?
What is the capital of China that also serves as the center of government, manufacturing, and finance?
What does ASEAN stand for?
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
What is the purpose of ASEAN?
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei & Vietnam have agreeded to cooperate economically
Japan has unlimited or limited resources?
Why is Japan the second largest industrial giant in the world?
large population - strong work force, acquire and use imported resources, help recieved from US after WWII
What are the 4 Economic Tigers?
Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea because of their explosive economies
What is the major crop grown by subsistence farmers?
What is it called when you can grow two crops in a year on the same land?
shift agriculture (double cropping)
What is subsistence farming?
people grow food on small farms for their own use, indicates a poor nation
The changing of a hillside or mountain slope into a step like sequence of fields is known as.....
agricultural terracing
Define fallow.
unused crop land
What is a paddie?
water covered field usually used for rice cultivation
What do most of India's population have occupations in?
What river is holy to Hindu's?
What river flows through Pakistan?
What mountains are in India?
West and East Ghats
What country would you find the Zagros Mountains?
What mountain range separates Europe from Asia?
Ural Mountains
Describe where the Tian Shan are located.
border between China and Russia
Describe where the Gobi desert is located.
Between China and Mongolia
What river goes through Bangladesh?
Brahmaputra River
Where is the Sea of Japan located?
To the west of Japan
Describe where the East and South China Seas are located.
East and South of China
Where is the Arabian Sea?
Southeast of Saudi Arabia or the Arabian Peninsula