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Communicable Diseases (5 ways of transmission)
person to person, sex, water and food, hands, blood (needles, cuts)
Communicable Diseases (4 ways to disinfect water and 2 that prevent all)
UV, boiling, filter, chemical. UV and boiling prevent all
Lost Crown or Filling (2 symptoms)
Difficulty eating or drinking due to pain, sensitivity to air
Lost Crown or Filling (3 treatment)
Brush, fill hole with gum or wax (football shape), pain meds
Broken tooth (treatment 3)
pulp exposed: cauterize with aspirin, pain meds, evacuate
Tooth knocked out (5 treatment)
irrigate but don't brush, pain meds, put tooth back in if you can (have 5-10 min before gum swells), if you can't replace, wrap and gauze and place between cheek and gum, evacuate
Periodontal Abscess (4 symptoms)
Pus, Fever, Swelling, Redness or darkening
Periodontal Abscess (5 treatment)
Remove food with floss etc., gargle with warm salty water 3-4 times daily, if evac is extended consider lancing, pain meds, antibiotics
Subungual Hematoma (What is it, how to treat 1)
blood under a nail, only treat if painful, heat needle or safety pin to red hot and bore through with flat bottom of needle to relive pressure.
Fishhooks (2 ways)
1. 12 inch piece of string around curve of hook, simultaneously push down the eye of the hook and pull string straight back. 2. (ugly) numb skin and push point of barb through, cut barb, back hook out
Sun Bumps (4 symptoms)
common on hands and face, itchy, red, swollen, bumps or small blisters
Sun Bumps (2 treatment)
remove from sun, anti-itch + antihistamines

side note: usually has to run course.
Snow Blindness (5 symptoms)

is described as...
sand in the eyes

sensitivity to light, pain and burning of eyes described as "sand in the eyes", swelling, redness, blurred vision
Snow Blindness (4 treatment)
water flushes, remove from sun, fashion: bandana and sunglasses, pain meds/ antihistamines for swelling, rest

side note: generally self-limiting, 24-48 hours.

wear sunglasses!
Fungal Infections (4 symptoms and where)
groin, feet, and armpit, red, itchy, hives/ scaly/ blistering/ cracking
Fungal Infections (3 treatment)
wash and cool area, air dry, anti-itch, see a doctir
Fungal Infections (3 prevention)
wear cotten, air out feet and groin???, direct sunlight, aka RUN AROUND NAKED!
Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is...
a temporary stroke, signs and symptoms are identical to CVA (a stroke) but last less than 24 hours
Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) or Skroke (6 Symptoms)
Memory loss, inability to speak or slurred speech, hemiparesis or hemiplegia (weakness or paralysis of one side of the body), facial paralysis, incontinence, vision changes
Stroke treatment (4)
POC or recovery if unresponsive, oxygen, document symptoms precisely, rapid evac
Seizure cause (7)
overstimulation of brain, eclampsia, diabetic hypoglycemia, drug withdrawl, HACE, brain injury, high fever and heat stroke
Seizure signs (4)
aura, unexpected collapse, localized or full body convulsion or temporary disconnection with present, post-seizure recovery phase (drained)
Seizure treatment (6)
protect but do not restrain, no bite stick, put in recovery position, full patient assessment, protect dignity, administer oxygen
AEIOUTIPS (handbook, page 69)
allergies, epilepsy, insulin, overdose, underdose, trauma, infection, psyc/ poison, stroke
unresponsive evac guidlines (1)
persistent unresponsiveness or altered mental status
the shoulder most commonly dislocates
consider reducing dislocation if: 2
evac is more than 1 hour or CSM has been compromised by the dislocation
slow or stop dislocation reduction if: 2
pain increases or you meet resistance
ROM is for what?
patients with reduced dislocations, 2-3 times a day or at patient's tolerance
dislocation evac guidelines (5)
unusable injuries, dislocations which won't reduce, any first time dislocation, rapid: open fractures, altered CSMs
water clean enough to drink is acceptable for cleaning wounds, true or false?
Someone has just drunk a little white gas, what do you recommend they do?
Drink water to dilute (not vomit)
Permethrin is (2)
used on clothing, not skin, an insecticide (effective against ticks)
Myths about lightning (3)
lightning never strikes twice, metal attracts lightning, lightning only strikes beneath the clouds
factors affecting survivability in water (3)
shorter the better, colder temp, less contaminated
Widow spiders tend to cause...
abdominal pain
Brown recluse:
unhealing wounds
Pulmonary Embolism symptoms (5)
sudden onset of sharp chest pain, respiratory distress, cough and bloody sputum, shock vital signs possible, history of prolonged bed rest/ altitude/ smoking/ recent surgery/ birth control pills
Pulmonary Embolism treatment (2)
oxygen, rapid evac in POC