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What road did Daniel Boone cut through the west?
The Wilderness Trail or Road
Where did the Wilderness Road lead to?
From North Carolina to Kentucky
What was the name of the settlement Daniel Boone established in KY?
Who bought the Lousiana Territory?
Pres. Thomas Jefferson
How much did Thomas Jefferson pay for the Louisiana Purchase?
Fifteen million dollars
What did the Louisiana Purchase do for the United States?
It doubled the size.
What happened after the Louisiana Territory was purchased?
People wanted to move west
Lewis and Clark explored this territory
Americans and Indians fought over land
Why did Lewis and Clark explore the Louisiana Territory?
To learn about animals, people, soil, indians, plants and other things so others would know what was out there when they moved west.
What was the name of the group of men who traveled with Lewis and Clark?
The Corps of Discovery
Who was the young woman who guided Lewis and Clark?
What indian tribe did Sacajawea belong to?
How did the Shoshone tribe help the Corps of Discovery?
By lending them horses, boats, and other supplies.
Who was Tecumseh?
The chief of the Shawnee.
What was Tecumseh's brother's name?
The Prophet.
What did Tecumseh and the Prophet want to do with the other indian tribes?
They wanted to join forces with other indian tribes to fight the white settlers coming into the west.
Who helped the indians attack the American settlers?
The British
What happened at the Battle of Tippecanoe?
The Americans attacked Prophetstown and the indians attacked the settlers in the Northwest Territory. Neither side won.
What is impressment?
Taking sailors hostage and making them work for the other side on their ships.
Who were the War Hawks?
A group of American men who pushed to go to war for a 2nd time with Great Britain.
What group from the American Revolution can be compared to the War Hawks?
The Sons of Liberty.
Why was the War of 1812 fought?
Because the British were helping the indians fight American's moving west.
What is a doctrine?
A government plan of action.
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
Declared that the US would fight any country trying to settle colonies in America.
Who wrote the Monroe Doctrine?
Pres. James Monroe
Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner?"
Francis Scott Key
When was this poem written?
During the War of 1812.
What battle was happening when this poem was written?
The Battle of Baltimore
What fort was being attacked during this battle?
Fort McHenry
Who won this battle?
The Americans
How did Francis Scott Key know that the Americans had won this battle?
The American flag was still flying over Ft. McHenry.
What is a rampart?
A protective barrier
Why was Francis Scott Key on a ship watching this battle?
He had been held hostage after trying to free Dr. Beanes from the British.
What is a trailblazer or pathfinder?
Someone who leads the way into unknown lands.
What is a pioneer?
A person who 1st settles a place.
What is scarcity?
When there are not enough goods available to people.
What is a primary source?
Information that came directly from the time in which it happened.
Give an example of a primary source.
A diary written by a person who lived in that time period.
What is a secondary source?
Information written by someone who has researched that time period but did not live during that time.
Which of these did not contribute to the start of the American Revolution?
The Boston Massacre
The STamp Act
Proclamation of 1763
The Monroe Doctrine
What is geography?
The study of the earth and how we use it
Which of these is sthe most likely result of a drought?
Farming will fail
Buildings will be destroyed
Population will increase
Which of these is a natural resource?
an underground spring
a fish tank
a highway
a hurricane
Which document gives us the Bill of Rights?
The Constitution
What is the first paragraph of the Constitution called?
The Preamble
Which of the Bill of Rights gives us our freedoms?
The First Amendment
Which amendment gives us the right to bear arms?
The 2nd Amendment