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What happened to the Natives' lands beginning in the 1860s?
They felt they should live free, not trapped "within walls" as the reservations had made them feel.
What promise to the Natives did the government break?
Gold was found on this land, and Natives were forced to move to reservations.
What did the government hope the Natives would do on the reservations?
Nez Perce lived along Wallowa River-settlers/miners arrived, govt. demanded Nez Perce move to reservation-Chief Joseph refused-fighting began, Nez Perce marched to Canada and were captured.
What were the Natives' feelings and thoughts about living on the reservations?
They promised not to take their lands, but they gave it to the homesteaders.
Explain the Treaty of 1868.
Some tribes won back land that had been taken away. They were allowed to govern themselves and control resources on their reservations.
Why did the whites break the treaty?
The treaty promised Native American tribes land around the  Black Hills.
Compare and contrast the attitudes of the whites and the Native Americans towards land.
Many Natives lost their lives. Natives that survived were moved to reservations. The US government won the war.
What events led up to Chief Joseph's capture?
During the 1860s Natives witnessed railroads develop on their lands.  Many of the buffalo they hunted disappeared.  Homesteaders took over their lands.
What were the results of the Plains Wars?
They hoped they would stop hunting buffalo and become farmers.
What gains have Native Americans won?
Natives: land was not to be owned or sold.  They viewed land and animals as sacred.Whites: viewed land as making a profit by buying or selling it. They didn't respect buffalo or other roaming animals.