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California Gold Rush began in this year.
Name 3 problems caused by the Gold Rush
1. Pollution 2. Forests destroyed 3. Native Americans forced to move from homeland
Name 3 conditions of working on the RR.
Low pay, long hours, hard work, dangerous
A railroad that runs coast to coast
Transcontinental Railroad
This animal caused Native Americans to depend less on crops & more on hunting.
Each N.A. nation was asked to keep to a limited area in return for $, animals, goods
Fort Laramie Treaty
Hundreds of Cheyennes were killed despite the fact that they weren't at war
Cheyenne Massacre
A limited area set aside for Native Americans
Native American victory, Custer's Last stand
Battle of Little Big Horn
Encouraged Native Americans to become farmers, unsuccessful b/c N.A. weren't used to this way of life
Dawes Act
A religious ceremony that was intended to bring back their lost way of life
Ghost Dance
The battle that marked the end of the Indian Wars
Wounded Knee
How long did the Sun Dance last?
4 days
Towns that grew up near mining sites
Boom Towns
One of the richest silver mines in the world, located in Nevada
Comstock Lode
The Union Pacific and Central Pacific met here.
Promontory Point
Most railroad workers were _____.
An enclosure used to trap buffalo
Native Americans depended on this for life and used it for tools, weapons, food, etc.
A sled pulled by a horse or dog to transport goods