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European intervention for reforms in OE 1839 and 1854
Protection of minorities:
France: Catholics and Maronites
Brtain: Jews and Druzes
Russia: Orthodox
European Consuls
Established by M.A. in Damascus
Catholic influence
-Maronites acknowledged in 1736. Jesuits introduced catholic press in 1853
Protestant Activity
American Protestant in 1847 had pringting press.
-Syria Protestant College in 1866, school of medicine in Beirut
Brit Anglicans in Jerusalem. Russians were around too.
Effects of Guild System
-Guilds of ME were autonomous and applied division of labor, services
-Integrated religious communities through work ethic
-Merc Europe coencited w/trad. subsid. economy
-No pop. explosion/urban expansion
Impact of Industrial Empire
-Domination of local markets by Euro goods. Steamships in Beirut and Alex. Roads and railways.
-Ott Comm Treaty reduced customs duty
-Compet. of Euro goods in local mkts.
-Impact on local textiles (diminishing sales, layoffs etc.)
-Suez in 1869
Cash crops
Silk and cotton now divided to world economy
New class of middlemen divided to world economy, mostly Christian.
Rural Revolts
Maronites in Mt. leb, moved to Druze territory.
Urban Riots
Aleppo in '50, Damsc in'60.
-Christians favored, minorities persecuted.
-Disparity b/n Haves and Have Notes (Craftsmen)
-Imitation of Euro texts through Jacquard loom
-Syrian Proto-Bourg
-Local manufacts. resort to partnerships across relig divide like guild