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Who are the poets in the Cave analogy?
They hold up the true objects, but can not interpret them.
How does the philosopher begin his journey to the sun?
He is pulled by an invisible force.
What is the relationship between the poet and philosopher in the Cave?
They are forced to work together.
Why does the philosopher come back into the Cave?
For duty and he has the natural right to rule in the polis.
What is the order of the regimes in Plato's City and Soul?
Aristocracy (philosophers)
Timocracy (warriors)
Oligarchy (wealthy)
Democracy (rule of many)
Tyranny (worst)
What does Plato say about Democracy?
Competing ideas bring a loss of strict virtue.
So much freedom entails relativism.
According to Plato, what is true justice?
It is the order of the soul and that participation of intellet in cosmic Good. This can not be found in the city.
Is there something above honor and praise?
There is something praisewortyh, the true sense of everything.
What does Plato say about honor and its limits?
Public opinion is defective when it comes to the Good.
What is the purpose of justice?
The virtue of keeping the other virtues in place.
What is the nature of justice?
"minding ones own business" - a specialist contributing to the whole of the city.
What would Plato eliminate or change in the "ideal" city of justice?
-Abolish families
-Abolish gender roles
-Regulation of reproduction
What is the purpose of the soul?
Why are philosophers not 1.) useless or 2.) vicious?
1.) Sroty of ship and stargazer
2.) True and "so-called" philosophers
What is the image of the Good? (3)
-Source of vision (knowledge)
-Source of being
-A "yoke" or natural fit between knower/known
What are the four things to teach the Guardians of the city?
1.) A new theology – the goodness and unity of God
2.) "a more austere and less pleasing poet” (censorship)
3.) Key: “disposition of soul”
4.) conclusion: City of Luxury . . . purged!
What are the "rulers" of our soul?
Wisdom (reason)
What are the "guardians" of our soul?
Courage (spiritedness)
What are the "craftsmen/farmers" of our soul?
Moderation (desires)
What are the regular people "minding their own business"?
Who rules in the Cit of Speech?
Kings = philosophers
What is the INTELLIGIBLE Good?
(Unchanging, immaterial)
Forms = intellection
Math objects = though
What is the VISIBLE Good?
(Changing, material)
Things = trust
Images = imagination
Why is there a rise and revolution to Democracy?
Oligarch’s blind love of money, neglect of excellence (virtue).
What is the character of the tyrant?
Unnecessary desires without limit (as in dreams)
Two reasons why the tyrant is wretched?
Tyrant has no friends
Tyrant is slave to his desires/slaves
The conclusion of the soul and city compared?
Best soul = best city (just man is happiest)