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What 3 civilizations emerged from different parts of the Mediterranean Sea in the 700 CE?

All considered successors of Roman civilization.
What 4 things gave stability to the Byzantine Empire?

What was their greatest source of income?
Machinations, efficient and active bureaucrats, stable economic firms & silk-making business

Agriculture, until 1025 AC
Byzantine civilization was the ICONOCLASTIC movement ...?
Iconoclastic - strongly believed that images made by man can't be worshipped & icon worship should be prohibited.
Byzantine architecture was of the ancient Greek style as seen in the Church of Santa Sophia, what arts were they also known by?
Ivory paintings, jewelry making & creation of mosaics with stone & glass.
In 1204, what was sacked?

in 1453, who conquered Constantinople?

Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453
Byzantines hatred for Islam helped the west preserve what type of learning?
Islamic civilization began in the 7th century, where?

Who founded Islam?

Muhammad, born in Mecca. After Muhammad died, ABU-BAKR became the religious leader, Caliph.

636 - UMAR, another Caliph defeated Byzantine & took Jerusalem & Damascus
After the introduction of Islam, Arabia became known for their manufacturing of what?
Cotton clothes, jewelry, pottery, silks to China, India and Southern Russia.
Islam was divide into two religious groups ...?
Ulama - believed in maintaining tradition and faith
Sufis - believed in medication and happiness
Islamic philosophy (called faylasufs) is based upon the thought of 2 people ... who?
Aristotle and the great Napolean. The period between 850-1200 is considered teh golden period of Islamic philosophy. They were eminent astrologers & proficient in the field of medicine.
Islamic art and architecture consists of ...
Domes, horseshoe arches, twisted columns, also know for the geometric designs, fruits, flowers they pain and sculpture.
Islamic technology & techniques influenced the westerners with what?
Irrigation, paper-making and distillation of alcohol
The reign of CHARLEMAGNE was during what time?
768 - 814; Son of Pepin, he needed educated people and stressed what was to become the CAROLINGIAN RENAISSANCE. He took the help of Anglo-Saxon Benedictine Alucin. Charlemagne was crowned emperor during 800.
When did the Carolingian empire lose its identity?
During the 10th century, Europe saw a completely new modern political scenario. England untied as one country under the rulership of King Alfred.
What was one of the most impressive pieces of writings done from Monks and Jews?
Written in Latin, the Anglo Saxon epic poem, Beowulf.

Paintings made by Irish monks, mostly anti=classical and surrealistic, best know was the "Book of Kells"