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-Because of this Boniface declares this violated the church’s rights
-and that the pope was the king’s superior in both religious and secular matters.
Unam Sanctum
Who moves the Papacy to Avignon
Clement V
-All 5 Avignon popes are French, pursue French interests
-clement VI begins selling indulgences
Babylonian Captivity
-Pope Gregory XI returns to Rome and Dies
-13 non Italian Cardinals return to Avignon, elect Clement VII
Great Schisim
-Cardinals defected from 2 factions
-Deposed both popes, elected a
-3rd pope (Alexander V) who works out of Pisa
Council of Pisa
-Elect Martin V
-Depose the “Spanish mule”
-Ends the “Great Schism”
Council of Constance
Who discovered Donation of Constantine Donation of Pepin-Both of these documents are forged
Lorenza Valla
A forged document
Donation of Constantine