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usually to do with knights.
-Local lords replaced authority of kings
-represents privatization of power
Vassals offer service to stronger men (lords) in exchange for something. Usually land.
-honorable relationship between warriors
Duties of Vassal
-military service
-guard duty
-court duty
fiefs might pass from father to son
Capitulation of Kiersey
Vassal subdivides fief and hires vassals of his own
Liege lord-primary lord-based on which fief is most important to you.
Substitution of money payment for personal (military) service
Bastard Feudalism
gets a third of the land.
Demense lands
inherited divisions of country side
lord gets to sleep with brides on their wedding night. Brides father must pay a fine if woman is not a virgin.
if woman gets pregnant before marriage, father must pay a fine to lord.
Ethical system developed by knights reflects virtues appropriate for knights.
Feudal Chilvary
-it is thought that you should be courteous to your prisoners. Treated as an honored guest.
Religious Chilvary
-defenders of the faith
-must be protectors of women and children
Peace of God
-Designated classes of noncombatants-should not attack clergymen, women, unarmed peasants, and merchants.
-Established periods during which no fighting was to take place.
-sunrise Monday to sunset Thursday mid-May to mid-September
Truce of God
-Better knight if you idolize women. Peasant women are not included because they are not sophisticated enough to understand courtly love.
Courtly love