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The first great Frankish king who credited his grandfather Merovech with establishing Merovingian dynasty
Clovis I
Who introduced Salic Law?
Clovis I
Criminals voluntarily suffer punishments, otherwise they live outside the law (outlaws).
Salic law
only administered to people with excellent reputation and thought to be not guilty. Must take oath on bible and if you lied your tongue would swell up and you would choke and die.
solemn oath
accused fights his accused-god will strengthen the right arm of the innocent. If you lose then your guilty.
trial by combat
rock is dropped in boiling oil or water and trial begins when arm is pulled out. If arm heals he is not guilty. If its infected then he is guilty. Sometimes had to walk across hot coals. Witches are trial by water. If she sank shes innocent, if she floats she is a witch and burned alive.
Trial by ordeal
guilty are fined not imprisoned. fines vary depending upon severity of crime
built professional army through grants of land (basis of feudalism)
Charles Martel
Who halted Battle of Tours (Poitiers)
Charles Martel
What was significant about the Battle of Tours (Poitiers)
keeps Europe from becoming Moslem
Who is the second son of Charles Martel and Carolingian dynasty after his father
Pepin the Short
Who fights barbarian tribe called Lombards
Pepin the Short
How are the Papal states created?
Donation of Pepin
Who is Pepin's son and the greatest leader in middle ages?
Who is responsible for building largest empire between fall of Rome and Napoleon, defeating Lombards in Italy, annexes Bavaria and Saxony, Established buffer state in north (Danemark) and east (Nordmark), Builds palace at Aachen, Builds palace Academy, creating caolingian miniscule-new form of writing andStandardizes spelling, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, capital letters.
-Attaches schools to monasteries and cathedrals
-Aimed at training priests and Bureacrats
Trivium was a curricular reform which contained what?
Quadrivium was a curricular reform which included what?
Most important treaty in history in which Charles receives France, Louis the German receives Germany, Lothair receives the Middle Kingdom and title of emperor
Treaty of Verdun