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Who was born in mecca and married a wealthy widow?
Who was a social activist for criticizing materialism, paganism and unfair treatment of poor
undergoes religious experience that calls him to be a prophet
Name of tripe to Mecca
What is the start of the Muslim calendar
Battle in which Muhammad conquered Mecca with 10,000 men?
Battle of Badr
Submitting to the will of God is the basis of what religion?
What are rules governing behavior and belief of Islam as stated in the Shari’a
-avoid pork and alcohol
-Be honest in business dealings
-Be unquestionably loyal to Islam
-Can have up to four wives if treat them well and equally
What are the 5 pillars of Islam and what do they mean?
-“There is no God buy Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”
-Muhammad is the last in a line of prophets which include Adam, Abraham,
Moses and Jesus.

2. Salat
-formal worship 5 times daily
-group prayers on Friday
-Wash and offer prayers of praise ( not petition)

3. Zakat
-tax on possessions to provide alms to poor

4. Hajj
-yearly pilgrimage to Mecca
-It is now once in a lifetime

5. Fast of Ramadan
-no food or drink from sun-up to sundown
-occurs in month of Badr (9th month of Moslem calendar) two threads are held up,
Who are Muhammad's successors?
Rightly guided Caliphs
He who has succeeded Muhammad is a?
chief administrator and advisor of caliph. Caliphs assistant.
Who was the first of the rightly guided caliphs and one of Muhammads fathers in law?
Abu Bakr
Who united Arabia by defeating tribes that felt no further obligation to pay tribute
Abu Bakr
who were are all the rightly guided caliphs and what were they responsible for?
Abu Bakr (632-34) first of the rightly guided calips
-1 of Muhammad’s fathers in law
-united Arabia by defeating tribes that felt no further obligation to pay tribute

-Another of Muhammad’s fathers in law
-favors early converts for political office
-conquered parts of Byzantine and Persian empires.
-launched jihads-holy wars
-“convert or conquer”
-Murdered by a slave

-Muhammad’s son in law
-Also favors early converts for political office
-murdered by discontented slave

-son in law
-favored virtual equality of all believers
-only descendants of Muhammad can govern