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Who is Julius Caesar's first son and who is the mother?
Caesarion, Cleopatra VII
Some of the reforms of Julius Caesar include what?
controlling all appointments to high office, Broke optimates control of senate by increasing membership to 900 from 600, stopped distribution of free grain, and Adopted Julian Calendar of 365 ¼ days and gave land to veterans.
Who killed Caesar and what was this called.
Brutus, Ides of March
was a naval battle between marc atony and octavius.
Was a result of Actium
Cleopatra kills her self
What phrase did Julius Caesar say when he crossed the Rubicon River and what does it mean.
Alea Jacta Est. (the die is cast) making a life changing decision
Mithraism beleives in what god.
Mithras-Persian god of light and truth
In what animals blood do people of Mithraism bathe in.
Bulls blood
Mithraism has a cult of what
Mystery cults promised what for cult worshippers
eternal life
Who is the God of wine.
Who is the God of Grain.
Who doesn't want to pay taxes or serve in military
Who won't recognize Roman authority
Who is searching for a messiag
Who refuses to cooperate with the Romans
was a community near where Qumran
what manuscripits revealed the existence of Essenes.
Dead sea scrolls
Who was Jesus of Nazarath baptized by.
John Baptist
who gets a calling from God to preach, heal the sick, and teach the Gospel.
Jesus of Nazarath
What were the teachings of Jesus?
Coming of Gods Kingdom, destruction of the wicked.
What was the message of jesus?
love, charity, peace
Who betrays Jesus?
Judas Escariot
Why do the Romans arrestt Jesus?
he was a lestes or insurgent (trouble maker)
Why was Jesus condemned to death?