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was a proclamation wherin Charles II of England made known the conditions of his acceptance of the crown of England which he was to accept, or resume, later in the same year. The declaration cemented the terms of the English Restoration after the Commonwealth period.
Declaration of Breda
5 Statues aim at reestablishing Church of England
Clarendon Code
Implements provisions of Declaration of Breda
Charles II
All civilian officials and military officers must take communion IAW C of E rites and specifically deny transubstantiation
Test Act
-secret treaty with Louis XIV
-Charles to receive money
-Charles to make England Catholic nation
-Charles also to adopt pro-French foreign policy
Treaty of Dover
-fabulous liar
Titus Oates
-Parliaments attempt to thwart catholic conspiracy by baring james from throne in the event that Charles is murdered or dies mysteriously
-Parliament attempts on several occasions to pass law, each time Charles II disbands parliament
Exclusions Bill
Married to Anne Hyde
James II
Mary of Modena gives birth to James III Protestant allegations of “warming pan baby” – he is not the legitimate son of james II. On the day mary was giving birth, under the bed was a baby in a warming pan.
warming pan baby
Failed attempt by Charles II’s illegitimate son to seize throne
Monmouth Rebellion
-Protestant invited William and Mary to invade England
-William of Orange invades
-James II army fades away
-Glorious Revolution AKA bloodless revolution
Glorious Revolution AKA Revolution of 1688
-Parliamentary supremacy
King in parliament
Bill (declaration) of rights
-Habeas Corpus
-english king cannot be catholic, or marry a catholic
Bill (declaration) of rights
-Annual bill that empowers military officers to discipline soldiers/sailors during peacetime
-leads to annual meetings of parliament
Mutiny Act
-extends religious toleration to all protestant groups
-denies toleration to catholics, jews and Unitarians.
Toleration Act
-unifies England and Scotland
-official name now united kingdom
Act of Union
Who establishes Act of union
Anne II